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Owner: Rachel Whalley

Group members: 72


VPLD is a ‘Community of Practice’ which provides professional learning opportunities online.

Brief description: Professional learning opportunities online


imageVPLD is an online ‘Community of Practice’ which provides professional learning that is contextualized within a participant’s teaching practice, with opportunities for collaboration and a strong base of mentoring and support. 

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While we have a presence in the VLN, our main community site operates at:


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Teacher's reflections and insights.

This video provides some teacher's reflections and insights as to how participating within the VPLD programme has helped their students, and affected their practice.

VPLD- Reflections from CORE Education Digital Media on Vimeo.

We would like to acknowledge and thank all of the participants who shared their reflections in the video. The camera and editing work for this video was done by Michael Lintott.

With thanks also to the Ministry of Education and Te Toi Tupu for their ongoing support.

VPLD and Digi Advisor Hui. 2013.


More information is available here.

Our 2 day face-to-face hui is here. Here is the flier.

There are some important links you will need to access before, during and after the Hui.

6-month VPLD survey for VPLD participants only

VPLD and Digi Advisor hui 2012

/groupicon/691209/large/1338507118.jpgThe joint VPLD and Digi Advisor hui was held in Christchurch this year (21st and 22nd June 2012). If you are interested in finding out what went on, and would like to share in some of the conversations, please visit the hui online space here.