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iPlus ICT Cluster

iPlus ICT Cluster

Owner: Globo

Group members: 12


iPlus is an ICT cluster formed with the following schools:

New Lynn School (Lead School), Kelston Intermediate, Mt Albert Primary, Mangere Central School and Kohia Terrace School.


Our vision is to create a community of diverse partners where all cultures and groups are valued for the contributions they bring as active seekers, users and creators of knowledge.



To develop within our school communities;


  1. respect of self and others,
  2. high expectations for learning,
  3. equity through shared learning opportunities,
  4. respect and understanding of each other through participation in a common Inquiry,
  5. value curiosity and the creation of new knowledge,
  6. critical thinking, creativity and the development of reflective practice,
  7. opportunities to explore with empathy the values of others.
  8. an understanding of the needs of developing Maori potential which emphasises working together and the value of partnerships and collaborative learning programmes
  9. support for initiatives that will raise the achievement levels of Pasifika students within the iPlus Project.