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To develop capacity in children and families in the Tamaki Community by growing interdependence, innovation and creativity using sustainable practices.


The Manaiakalani Project is the education plan for a multi-agency long term government project to renew the larger area of Tamaki in Auckland. The Tamaki Transformation Project is looking for innovative approaches from all sectors to renewing New Zealand's oldest state housing community. This includes housing, health, social services, police etc.

The Manaiakalani Project is designed to meet academic goals at the same time as providing these Decile 1a students with a digital age approach to learning. It is also committed to working with the parent and wider community to include them in this education opportunity.

In summary, The Manaiakalani Project is working with teachers to develop a digital age pedagogical framework to deliver the curriculum to the students from Year 1-13. The students are being offered the opportunity to own personal netbook devices and wireless internet access is being offered across the community to enable the students to continue working from home. Parent and agency education and involvement with this project is important.

Schools involved

Glenbrae Primary School

Panmure Bridge Primary School

Pt England Primary School

St Pius X primary School

Tamaki College

Tamaki Intermediate

Tamaki Primary

2012 update: two new schools

St Patricks Panmure

Glen Innes Primary

2013 update: three new schools


Sommerville Special School

Te Kura o Puau


NB: Tamaki Intermediate closed its doors on December 16th 2012, so is no longer part of the Manaiakalani Cluster

Brief description: Growing the mindware as we transform Tamaki: living local, learning global.