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Literacy Online

Literacy Online

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This group is for teachers who have an interest in sharing ideas, resources and issues related to developing teaching and learning programmes for the literacy needs of their learners.

Literacy online discussion

Discussion around literacy is conducted via the literacy online mailing list. 

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Latest Literacy Discussions and Resources from across the VLN.

Lauren MacDonald shares her Oral Language Programme

Literacy Progressions in Kidspeak 

Reading OTJ Tracking Sheet added bMary-Anne Murphy 

Reading Plan Template schools share their planning templates and tools.

Digital literacy across the curriculum. A handbook from futurelab.

Persuasive Writing Lesson Plans A sample lesson plan for persuasive writing using e-Learning tools for junior, middle and senior primary classes.

Literacy progressions matrix. We are looking at unpacking the literacy progressions in reading and ultimately creating a matrix to use for assessment both for staff and students.  I am wondering if anybody out there has already done this and would be willing to share your work.  We have already done this with writing and would love to share our work with anybody interested.

Understanding the Different Styles of Writing - this is a new section being developed in the Blended e-Learning Literacy Community.  The first style to be developed has been Persuasive writing.  The section covers purpose, features, exemplars and e-Learning tools to support.  Included with the features is a downloadable graphic and a Planning Persuasive Writing Flowchart.

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