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Literacy learning in e-learning contexts

Literacy learning in e-learning contexts

Owner: Claire Amos

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The TLRI Project - Overview

Literacy Learning in e-learning contexts is a research project funded through a Teaching and Learning Reseach Initiative (TLRI) grant.

Researchers and teachers (ECE, primary and secondary) have worked collaboratively to re-examine data from archived action research inquiries focussed on e-learning (undertaken as part of e-fellowships and the ECE ICT Professional Learning Programme) to highlight how literacy learning is taking place in e-learning contexts.

The aims of the project are to:

  • Help fill the gaps in the current New Zealand research literature on e-learning as contexts for literacy learning
  • Collectively theorise the literacy e-learning connections and pedagogical processes that are operating in NZ schools and early childhood centres by supporting teacher researchers to 're(tell) their stories' with a common focus that they did not necessarily have when the studies were conducted.

For the purpose of the project, the teachers and researchers have used Luke and Freebody's (19??) 'Four resources' model as a framework for literacy analysis. This model suggests that to be considered literate in an increasingly globalised and technological world, students need opportunities for learning how to

  • decode texts (audio, gestural, spacial, visual and multimodal and printed texts)
  • make meaning from and compose texts
  • use texts for particular purposed and in particular contexts (social and cultural)
  • critique use and transform texts

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