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  • donnak published a blog post pear lsson
    On Friday I took my class of year two students through a pear observation lesson.  We practised using magnifying glasses.  How did they know it was a pear - because it of its shape - fat - where by an apple is round. It was green....
    • Paul Ashman

      Now that's funny about the naming the pear! Isn't it interesting to see the 'science disposition' isn't just naturally there'. Did the children enjoy the lesson? Were they more engaged?


      Well done Donna (and for posting here too!).

  • Paul Ashman published a blog post The Beginning
    Welcome to our VLN community where I'm hoping you will all post, reply, offer, comment, think, discuss and possibly even disagree... Here all the files will be found -lesson plans, readings, etc so it will hopefully become a veritable treasure...