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  • Marielle Lange published a blog post Wikispaces Mashup suggestions anyone?
    I am happy to celebrate mix and mash NZ with more examples. Especially some giving access to NZ resources (images, data). Any suggestion?
  • When searching for nice examples of mashups using javascript, I came across this timeline of Digital NZ resources. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the iFrame embed to work. I modified code provided on github to get it to work on...
    • Suzie Vesper

      Thanks - this looks really interesting. I couldn't see anything except an empty box though when I went to the wiki to take a look. You might also be interested to know that you can now search DigitalNZ through Digistore.


    • Marielle Lange

      Hi Suzie, You had to enter a word in the Search input box to see the timeline. I have now changed it so that it loads a random timeline by default (I went for tui as there are many images). Let me know if you still have issues seeing it (you may have to reload the page to see the change. ).

      Thanks for the tip on Digistore. I rapidly checked it up. On the simile timeline, they have the object details, including image thumbnail if available, appear in a small caption box. That would be nice to have that kind of functionality on digistore :-). It really speeds up exploration.

  • Marielle Lange published a blog post Mashing up data on wikispaces
    This has been advertised elswewhere on this VLN. The NZ Mix and Mash competition has just started. You have till September 19th to submit your entry. The thing is that you don't need  complex technology or advanced technical skills to make...
  • Marielle Lange published a blog post Adding a flickr feed to your wikispace
    Live example with code here: http://widgeds.wikispaces.com/Flickr+Feed In wikispaces, edit a page. Click on "Widget", then select "Other Widget". In the editing window, paste the code below and replace the value under  'id:...
  • The "Other widget" option in wikispaces allow you to embed any type of custom code. Among other things, this let you user powerful javascript libraries.  For instance, the impressive jsxGraph library, a powerful cross-browser library for...