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Group activity

  • Kate Dare published a blog post Using the blog as a window into the classroom
    As a staff we have developed a set of success criteria for 'WALT: successfully use the blog as window into our classroom learning.' Our SC: Regular postings on blog (at least 2 a week) Non-negotiables followed Variety of different Curricullum...
  • Tony Greer published a blog post Connected Whanau
    One issue that arose for us with our Computers in Homes (see Computers in Homes write up under goal 4 - http://mantar.wikispaces.com/Somerset+Cres+3+and+4 programme earlier this year was when it came time to connect the 14...
    • Lyn Ross

      This summary is awesome Tony ... and a great example of 'for every problem there is a solution'.  I'm sure your post will be useful to many schools.

  • Teresa Edwards published a blog post St James' Catholic School Charter
    GOAL 2 STRATEGIC AIM 2.doc Our Strategic Plan is organised around 3 goals.  Living what we believe.  Learning and the Learners and The Learning Climate.  Under Goal 2 Learning and the Learners there is a strategic intention: Continue...
    • Roger Dominican

      The charter is well written and has a very effective action plan to keep the school on track. It would be really nice to see some status updates for all goal. Thank you for all your hardwork. masters of education

  • Yesterday, St James’ held a curriculum sharing evening where children invited their parents to come along and share their inquiry learning. Children take their parents on a ‘tour’ sharing with them their term’s learning. This...
  • Kate Dare published a blog post Basic Facts Afternoon
    On Friday all classes held Basic Facts afternoon where parents were invited to visit their child’s classroom and learning around basic facts. The aim of this session was to give parents ideas (appropriate to stage) to support their...
    • Mary Rivers

      Fantastic idea Kate and great to see it so well supported. This seems like a much more productive way to connect with families and answer the questions we often get asked at those 10 second 'after school grab the teacher' sessions we get bailed up for, or at student led conferences. I imagine the children really enjoyed having their parents/whanau involved in their classrooms too. How often will you do this?

    • Shelley Muston

      What a great idea! Particularly as the children can 'teach' their parents - it's good for them to see their parents as learners, too.

  • Tony Greer published a blog post Whanau Homework Afternoon
    On Thursday 2 June we held our Whanau Homework afternoon. This was in resopnse to the initial community consultation we held at the start of the year where the good ol' topic of homework reared it's head! A fantastic number of parents turned up and...
  • Maria published a blog post Jazzy Junior Assembly
    We had a really successful assembly on Friday.  We were able to link our classroom learning to our presentation.  One of our Year Two students operated the presentation that was on the data projector and timed this with the presenters....