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  • Tony Greer published a blog post ICT and e-learning re-visited!
    I held a staff meeting recently with the title the same as this blog post! The aims of the meeting were to give the staff time to reflect on their e-learning and ICT use this year as well as to bring it back into the forefront of their minds....
    • Enabling e-Learning

      Really enjoying reading your blog and getting insights into your school's professional learning, Tony. We have shared links in our weekly round-up, as there are others on the VLN who are in the same situation [/pg/blog/read/115069/elearning-roundup--12-september-2011

    • Nick Rate

      Hi Tony, Thanks for unpacking how you are sustaining the momentum of elearning within your school and keeping it as much as possible at the forefront of teachers' day to day learning and teaching. It is great to see also that the new knowledge gained from the lead teacher days is having a direct impact on the shape of professional learning at Somerset. You point out the issue of time in a busy life of a teacher. You may find this blog post a good conversation starter for your next meeting: http://www.edutechintegration.com/2010/06/common-misconception-5-technology.html

    • Tony Greer

      Thanks for the feedback and links (e-learning in NZ Schools and Nick)! Great article Nick and one I totally agree with. I guess the body of my original post also alluded to me as a leader finding the time to facilitate, support, guide and lead within the school with so much else on the go. However, that's the reality of 21stC teaching, learning and leading - as the article made reference to - it's about making the time, not moaning about not having enough of it!! Cheers.Laughing

  • At St James’ teachers have been participating in professional development opportunities to develop their understanding of and use of e-learning tools to enhance and support critical thinking during Term 2 and 3. In Week 3 teachers participated...
    • Nick Rate

      Hi Kate,

      Thanks for sharing progress towards the integration of thinking and ICTs at St James'. If you are not familiar with it all ready, you may want to check out Andrew Churches' excellent thoughts and huge range of resources regarding a Bloom's Digital Taxonomy: http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/Bloom's+Digital+Taxonomy

      There are lots of interesting visual representations of digital taxonomies like this one aligned to Googles services: http://kathyschrock.net/googleblooms/

      Look forward to seeing how your toolbox and blueprint develop. Regards, Nick

  • Louise published a blog post Voicethread
    As part of Tekids today I was introduced to voicethread and can see this as something that I will be able to use within my own teaching. I am keen to learn more and use this tool and then introduce it to the other teachers especially in the...
  • Louise published a blog post Blogging with the teachers.
    As part of my lead teacher role I have been working with the junior team to get their blogs up and running. All the teachers have done a great job and the class blogs are looking very good. I worked with Mary in week one to upskill myself in using...
  • Louise published a blog post I can animate presentation
    The Somerset cres tekids did a presentation on animation today. They were meant to have done lots of prep work beforehand and a smooth no hick ups presentation but as with the nature of kids and me being not as prepared as I should have been it was...
  • Erica Leggett published a blog post First steps...
    It is nice to finally be posting something! With the appointment of a new teaching staff at the beginning of the year, myself included, there has been plenty to learn and the curve has been steep! The ball was rolling as our three classroom...
  • Maria published a blog post Stepping Into Other People's Shoes
    Over the last week we have been refreshing the DATT tool O.P.V. (Other People's View). The staff have used this in a variety of ways.  In our Year 1/2 O.P.V. has been integrated into the instructional reading plan. One of the critical aspects...
  •     Yesterday's staff meeting was a good, focussed and in-depth 'wrap up' of the Thinking focus this term. As a staff we have put together a School Thinking Curriculum based on the topics and PD provided this term. It is still...