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  • Tony Greer published a blog post Starting Google Docs
      This year we are initiating the use of google docs (finally, I hear you say!). It is one of those things that has been on the back-burner for a while now but we are going to kick off with them next term with all our meeting minute...
    • Jacqui Frost

      As a recent convert to google docs I can really recommend it. The best thing about it is being able to access documents anywhere, anytime.

    • Tony Greer

      We now use Google Docs for;

      • Staff meeting minutes
      • Team minutes
      • Management meetings
      • Curriculum meetings
      • ESOL Team
      • Special Needs - T/A minutes
      • The principal and DP also have collections open where people can collaborate and add to documents. 

      Our teacher aides have requested (and now had) some PD on the use of GDocs and are now up and running with using them which is great.

      Staff are aware of and using the benefits like adding comments, reading minutes from afar and keeping up to date as well as adding to things from home.

      A subtle but significant change that is working effectively and has exposed staff to a new way of doing things with benefits.

  • Tony Greer published a blog post Inquiry and e-Learning TOD
    TOD e-Learning Teacher Only Day started the year off diving head first into some professional learning based around our school's e-Learning with a main focus on Inquiry Learning. For the e-Learning section we re-visited some of the good...
  • What Key Issues emerge from this reading? Key catch phases. Inspect what you expect. Relentlessly respect and Respectfully relentless. Key ideas - Student performance and achievement and teacher peformance and expectations. Identifying...
  • Mary Rivers published a blog post National Goal 3 Reflective Summary 2011
    The following is a summary of National Goal 3 for 2011 for the Mantar Cluster (Milestone 4). Cluster: Year 2 of Cluster Programme - Primary Cluster Years 0-8 Cluster Type: ICT PD Context: The Cluster has acknowledged the need for...
  • Tony Greer published a blog post Somerset snippets
              The following are a quick snapshot of some of the e-learning being integrated throughout classes in our school; In our special needs room the T/A's have been doing some great work with our ORRS funded...
  • Maria published a blog post U-Learn 2011
    U-Learn was a great success for both Val (our Principal) and myself this year.  What is often tedious, however, after attending such a monumental Professional Development is -  You need to make copious notes so that you don't forget the...
  • Maria published a blog post When a Plan Comes Together - 2011 Strategic Plan
    Coming to the end of 2011 gives us time to reflect on the learning, teaching and the goals that we set in place for this year (and beyond).  The Strategic Plan, developed by our Principal in response to our school's vision has been revisited...
  • Mary Rivers published a blog post Building an E-Learning Vision
    One of the key pieces we have found at Terrace End to be beneficial in the development of a school wide guideline on policy and practice was in gaining some outside expertise from Lyn Ross, a facilitator from another local ICT PD Cluster. One of the...
  • Kate Dare published a blog post Thinking Toolbox and ICT Blueprint
    Draft Thinking Toolbox and ICT Blueprint Following our lead teacher PD sessions with Lyn Ross this year around thinking skills, I lead a series of staff meetings with St James' teachers tailored to our own staff. Part of these staff meetings was...
    • Tony Greer

      Hi Kate,

      We followed a similar format here at Somerset by the looks of things. Check out my post;


      Something I think we need to consider in our cluster next year is a more collaborative approach to the great stuff we all do within our own schools - a few more 'get-togethers' and share things like this while we are all in the development phases. What do you think?!

    • Kate Dare

      I agree! It would be good to be doing more sharing about what we are developing in our schools as we need a shared vision for the Cluster.

  • Louise published a blog post Tekids presentation
    I have spent the day working with the tekids on their animation presentations. To start with I went over what they had already learnt and integrated this with knowledge that I have gained during the U learn conference as I had gone to...
  • Tony Greer published a blog post Ulearn11 reflection
    Ulearn - brilliant!!I was fortunate enough to be one of the team from Mantar Cluster to attend the ulearn conference this year. It was an inspiring and motivating conference with so many fantastic speakers and presenters. Legends like, Dr....
    • Louise

      U learn was definitely an awesome experience. I was fortunate to attend some very valuable breakouts on integrating e learning into my classroom practice. I was particularly interested in Dr. Jan Herringtons session on using mobile technology within the classrooms as a learning tool and feel that this is an area which will develop in the future as most students have access to a mobile ph. The message that was most obvious during the conference was that ICT and inquiry learning must be give/taught in an authentic context which is interesting both to the teacher and the learner. During the conference I have attended sessions on ICT learning such as "i can animate" and "art rage" which I will be able to bring back to school and share with my colleagues.

  • This term I have had the opportunity to visit other classes in school and observe day-to-day Elearning in practice. I have also had the opportunity to gather student voice by interviewing children from all levels of the school in groups. Classroom...