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  • Maria published a blog post DATT Workshop - Staff Meeting
    Our first revisit of our DATT (Direct Attention Thinking Tools) was the C&S (Consequence & Sequel).  We worked in pairs to complete a scenario and then took this back to our classroom.  Our teachers have used it in their various...
    • Valerie Ann Ferry

      This is giving us an opportunity for self-review of our DATT (Direct Attention Thinking Tools) and the way we use the tools in our classrooms. It also helps the new teachers to know how to use the tools. It has been fun for the staff to be mixed up and have to work with someone new each week. (Just like we do to our students!) The more we do - the better we get and the easier it becomes to add DATT to our planning. Our students know the language and can carry out this scaffolded thinking independently and then get to report back to their teacher.

  • Maria published a blog post Animation Workshop at Hokowhitu
    As a staff we attended workshops in animation.  We split into two groups, one group did animating powerpoint and the other group did 'I can animate'. In the 'I can animate' session we made a short animation using an ipod with some simple...
  • Kate Dare published a blog post Stop-Motion Animation Workshop
    Animation made using PowerPoint at workshop Last week, nine St James’ teachers attended a workshop run by Lyn Ross as part of the professional development offered to support teachers entering the Manawatu Digi Awards. This workshop focused...
    • Mary Rivers

      Sounds like a fantastic session Kate. We are very lucky to be able to connect with so many opportunities that have come about because we are a part of an ICT PD cluster. I would love to see what some of the teachers in our cluster do with this now - can you add some links to your blogs when they have done something in their rooms?

  • Tony Greer published a blog post Keys and Hats Staff Meeting
    Staff meeting this week was based around the second thinking workshop we had with Lyn Ross focussing on the Hats and the Keys. Teachers are all aware of these tools and use/have used them to varying degrees in their classrooms. This staff meeting...
    • Mary Rivers

      We have also found these sessions with Lyn hugely valuable. Introducing the thinkers keys was very beneficial and despite the fact there are quite a few of them (a bit daunting at first sight to the uniniatiated) they were well received. I have since made up keys for all staff, and given them some guidelines. We have no set plans as to how these will be used but they will be revisted during ICT staff meetings.

    • Tony Greer

      Following on from the last comment in my initial post, we had some relection on Tuesday of what teachers had done in class re the Hats and/or Keys. Some great honest reflections came forth - especially one teacher who commented on how well she had set the lesson up and thought the kids were going to fire, but said it was a disaster and they were way off the topic - time to go back and scaffold some more of the thinking skills required!! Staff bought along some evidence of the childrens thinking - great to see not all of it was "prettied up" just to look fancy - just raw and real ideas and children's thoughts scribbled down at the time - evidence of the thinking as it happened! This also gives the teacher and learners good proof and teaching points for next step development.  ( a link will follow with some evidence of the work being done...)

    • Tony Greer

       Hats and Keys pic.docx - link from above comment - didn't realise you couldn't edit a comment, only the original post Embarassed We're all learners here!!

  • This year we have a new teacher on staff.  She was new to blogging and the web 2.0 that go along with it.  Our new staff member has dived in head first and is quickly learning, along with her students.  She has taken over the...
  • Maria published a blog post Integrating traditional literacy with elearning...
    We are currently doing an Inquiry into native N.Z. animals.  At the moment we are looking at the kiwi.  We have combined traditional methods such as questioning using books, writing a mini report, using our 'White Hat' for facts and think,...
  • Kate Dare published a blog post E-Learning Sharing
      At the beginning of staff meetings teachers have been sharing how they have been integrating E-learning. Today the Junior Team shared; fotobabble has been used to support oral language learning...
    • Mary Rivers

      Fotobabble has been a fabulous tool and we have been using it at Terrace End too. Did your students attend the xtranormal session at the Feilding Cluster student led conference? It struck me as being another branch along the same lines as Fotobabble and Voice thread - similar use but a different focus again. Do you have plans to use this? I would like to try and integrate it into my Inquiry next term.

  • All classrooms in St James’ have a class blog. In Week 6, the St James teachers attended a “Using your class blog as a teaching and learning tool!” workshop lead by Lyn Ross. This focused on integrating the class blog into current...