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  •  Summary: The Cluster for Higher Learning has facilitatored high quality peer tutoring across all 4 very rural schools.  Students co-consruct the Success Criteria using Google doc's, students reflect on these guidelines to support their...
  • Dianne Roadley created a page e-Buddy programme summary
    Summary: the Cluster for Higher Learning e-buddy programme Context: Over the past three years the Cluster for Higher Learning has extended the benefits of peer tutoring across four geographically distant schools.  The schools are deemed by...
  • We need to ask the right questions, and be very sure about how children do their BEST Learning. We looked at the student role, and our role in light of our outcomes based NZ curriculum. Are we really effective at scaffolding thinking opportunities...
  • Julie Tumarae created a page Musical Inquiry Unit
    • Kathe Tawhiwhirangi

      Hi there Yvonne

      I'm loving your entries in the VLN! :-) The manner in which you've written up your feedback/reflection, makes for some great reading! I'll know where to direct people who want ideas on how best to engage students re music and musical instruments. Great stuff! Cheers

    • Dianne Roadley

      At Tiniroto we are excited about supplimenting our inquiry with our first Learnz virtual field trip with the symphany orchestra.  The site is reading rich and the students have been engaged with listening to the different instruments and exploring.  I love the idea of having our own ambassador along with Andrew on the trip to Christchurch!  We are preparing for our audioconference about instruments which fits beautifully with our learning around asking rich effective questions.  We are having fun with both percusssion instruments and garageband making music.  One student has gone down the path of exploring sound waves and is investigating how they can invent an instrument to chanel sound right across the field... should be fun :)

    • Julie Tumarae

      The older students at Waipaoa Station thoroughly enjoyed their research of chosen instruments.  Developing inquiry questions seemed to come easily in this unit.  I believe they were thoroughly interested in finding out about their chosen instrument.  They were gathering knowledge at this stage, knowledge that they found very interesting.  From there we looked at developing our own intruments from what we had learnt from our study.  This was definetly trial and error over a period of time, they didn't give up!  They adjusted materials to suit the sound they wanted and how the instrument would be played. Kapai koutou.

  • Dianne Roadley created a page Bubble Inquiry
    Term 2 Inquiry Unit across the cluster was using Bubbles to explore the concept of a 'Fair Test'.  Could each school please comment below:
    • Rebecca Trafford

      Motu: The focus was put on the children and they found this challenged. At this stage it needs to be highly teacher directed. 

    • Yvonne Nikora

      Bubbles Reflection Term 2 2011

      W.O.K School Juniors


      The juniors were very motivated to explore and trial ideas. Collaboration and research with the senior members of their groups provided an automatic scaffold to higher level questioning and thinking.

      Trevor’s recommendation to work in cooperative groups of three, utilising an expert reader as the reader was effective for our situation. The tuakana/teina roles still had to be carefully planned and monitored to ensure all children were active participants.  

      The teachers maintained a real presence in the inquiry as the children were experimenting and leading their own learning. This worked best by coming back together, viewing what everyone was doing and sharing, discussing and analysing our outcomes. This then led to the next steps which we outlined together and then moved off into group work.

      The older children got the idea of using key words to enable effective research. They did get a little confused with terminology that other countries used but soon identified what applied to them, and used the information that they could understand.

      With this type of unit we were very dependent on the weather and availability/affordability of resources.  This did impact the level of testing that we could undertake and is definitely a variable that we need to control in future inquiries.

    • Kathe Tawhiwhirangi

      Hi there team :-)

      I'm enjoying reading about your Bubble Inquiry! I look forward to seeing how this all unfolds for you :-)

      Keep up the great work :-)

  • Connecting across the cluster The HigherLearning Cluster are in our third and final year of our ICT PD contract. Our cluster comprising of four small rural schools, sits along the western outskirts of Gisborne city, most being over an hour apart by...