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Group activity

  • Marielle Lange created a page Game Dynamics
    The notion of game dynamics describes the run-time behavior of the mechanics acting on player inputs and each others' outputs over time.
  • Marielle Lange created a page Game Mechamics
    Capture the the system of features that make games fun, compelling and addicting. Particular components of the game, at the level of data representation and algorithms. Can include: rules → game-rule (operational, constitutive,...
  • Marielle Lange created a page Game Aesthetics
    The notion of game aesthetics describes the desirable emotional responses evoked in the player, when she interacts with the game system. game user interface game user experience game usability
  • Marielle Lange created a page Game Design
    Prensky’s six structural elements of games, namely Rules. Games set down limitations and draw lines on how the players may interact with the elements in the game. Players learn the rules and their options very quickly. → mechanics,...