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  • Tracey Gibson commented on a page titled How Google Docs Might Help
    How did you go about getting teacher dashboard? Thanks
  • Title: Learning Together (teaching as inquiry group)Cluster Year level: ThreeCluster type: RegionalThe Context: Using teaching as inquiry as a way for ConnectED to build distributed capacity.Supporting each other's inquiry as a way to build the...
  • Dave Winter published a blog post Secondary Teachers - The Emerging Landscape
    This emerging landscape day is planned to help schools explore where they might be as learning organisations in the near future.
  • Cluster GoalInterest groups who have not met previously are developing networks and increasing capacity across the schoolsWhat have we changedA key role of our regional group is to provide school leaders with information about leading change,...
  •   click on green word to register   The aim of this open meeting is to provide face to face, flexible and interesting forums to explore and learn together. The meeting is designed so that you can dip in and out of...
  • Dave Winter published a blog post Get the year started right Personalise it
    Personalised and Formative There are a lot of places on the web that will help students build Number knowledge and basic facts recollection.  Sites like Xtra Math offer a few keen advantages. It is intelligent enough to help develop what...
    • Tessa Gray

      Thanks for this Dave, very useful resource. I especially like the connections with home (for those with Internet access) and the associated progress reports. Smile

  • Dave Winter uploaded the resource Kura Hakari - A sharing protocol
    Kura Hakari - Regional Learning Feast Kura hākari What is it? Kura Hakari is an exciting sharing of new understandings generated from the 'Connected Professional Learning Community.'  Schools will have 15 mins in which to present their...
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    • Dave Malloch

      Languages and the New Zealand Curriculum: E-portfolios in Language Learning


      Skandera, R. & Hall, P.  






    • Dave Malloch

      Ronja and Patsy have put in a tremendous effort throughout the year with their Action Research at Hamilton Girls' High School.  Download the document and the reader will have an excellent insight into the innovative foreign language teaching that is prevelent at Hamilton Girls'.Cool

    • Graham Young

      Ronja and Patsy......great to meet you today and thanks for sharing your work with me, your action research (teaching as an enquiry) is a valuable contribution to peadagogy in New Zealand schools. I think the real value is in your goal for moving forward............."continue to refine and improve e-portfolio practice and use, based on teacher/student feedback/forward." this view is supported by the findings of the academics referenced in your action research, Hipkins, Hattie and others.

      as you share your learning with other teachers in your school is their a real "ako" opportunity here?

  • Dave Winter created a page How Google Docs Might Help
    How Google Docs Might Help?   During the last school holidays I worked with colleagues looking at the use of Google Docs for literacy and at teacher dashboard an interface layer that works with Google Docs. We asked those present to add...
    • Dave Winter

      The collaborative Study Note use is a fabulous way that the power of a group shows through. There are some good examples of this coming out of Wiki educator too. The multiple realtime of google docs editing is incredibly effective if we structure it right. A next post from me will look at some ideas I have to manage this environment.

    • Suzie Vesper

      In the trial online ESOL school where I teach, we make heavy use of Google Docs and use Teacher Dashboard and this has proven to be a fantastic way of working. I have even started running my lessons out of Google Presentations. Students click on a slide when instructed while we go over material and they then have separate slides to do their own writing on within the presentation that I can easily track all at the same time. We have also done a similar thing with separate docs too. Using the 'Add comment' feature in the docs means less 'red pen' and more ownership by the student to make editing changes.

    • Tracey Gibson

      How did you go about getting teacher dashboard?