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  • Context: Did the ICT professional development make a difference for teacher confidence in using e-learning in the classroom?  Our goal at the end of three years was to have teachers more confident in using e-learning with students. What we...
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    • Diane Mills

      Hi Mervyn,  I watched this again as I read through the milestone report.  It has some good information about getting reluctant staff on board with ICT.  The 'no pressure' approach, the fact that time was set aside on Wednesday afternoons, the fact that it was scheduled and approved by leadership within the school all helped to move people forward.  The intention within the English department was to get going with ICT and this determined approach has paid off for all staff.  The department is on the 'journey' as it were and will continue to develop.  There is interesting information in here for other secondary departments! 

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    • Diane Mills

      Hi Mervyn, yes you are right, with the expectations of employers to have students who are au fait with technology it is important for schools to be utilising the best of e-learning in their practice.  Rather than 'tag' technology on to existing classes and structures, it is important too to shift current practices in schools to better meet 21st century expectations.  Whereas once employers were looking for people who were passive, obedient and rule driven now employers are looking for a resourceful, independent, collaborative and creative workforce.  It is important therefore for schools to develop students able to fit this brief.  There is still much work to be done for schools and exciting times ahead.

  • Simon Ward uploaded the resource Branding our School LMS to increase uptake.
    As it worked out at our school we ended up launching Gmail, Docs and Moodle all at the same time to students. Students gain access to all of these services using a single sign on solution, where the students use their network password and user name...
  • Kathy Paterson uploaded the resource Principal's reflection
    Mary Ann Baxter, Principal of HGHS, shares her eLearning journey: E-learning/ICT/Pedagogy – the Principal’s role in 2011 – A) Systems alignment school-wide to support all learners  The challenge therefore for me in my...
    • Enabling e-Learning

      I found Mary's reflection on leadership of e-learning enlightening and fascinating, Kathy. I would like to link to this from the eLearning: Leadership group here on the VLN - I'm sure other leaders would be interested in Mary's experiences. Perhaps she would like to join other leaders in the group, too?Smile

      Thank you for sharing.

      Ngā mihi nui, nā Karen

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     What was our key cluster goal? Three years ago Hamilton Girls' High School (HGHS) and Hillcrest High School (HHS) started meeting together to form an ICT PD Cluster. The aim for our cluster was to have an LMS in place by the end of the three...