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  • MikeA uploaded the resource E-portfolios in Year 11-13 classes
    Cluster and Context: Twizel Area School has 180 students from year 1-13 and is part of the Te Manawa o te Wai Pounamu (Heart of the South Island) Cluster in the Mackenzie Country.  While one group of staff focussed on Inquiry Learning another...
    • Diane Mills

      Some interesting issues are raised in this article that will resonate with other secondary schools.  For example the time spent setting up 'pages' measured against the student time spent using them; the reluctance of students to engage out of school time; the reluctance of students to carry out any work that is not going to be assessed for NCEA and the ongoing problem of student access to computers.  Interestingly enough you mention the success with students in years 9 and 10 and the benefits of having a page of information dedicated to the school production.  I suspect the success of e-Portfolios for you, will come about with students using e-portfolios earlier in their schooling and with students driving the ways in which they can be used. And of course once they have access to the technology (whether school supplied or students bringing their own devices) during normal school time, progress will be maximized.  

  • Year level 1 to 12Cluster type We are a year 2 ICTPD cluster comprising 3 remote schools, Twizel Area School, Aoraki Mt Cook Primary School and Tekapo Primary School. We are also a very diverse cluster in that not only are we geographically remote...
  • MikeA published a blog post e-time roadtrip
    We're all booked up for a 3-day extravaganza with e-time from Christchurch, podcasting, moviemaking and Wikis. Hopefully this should give us something meaty for our reflective response on the VLN for Milestone 3. Just fine-tuning logistics of...