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  • This resource is a follow on from the video the lead teachers made in May this year. Available here As part of the contract all cluster teachers were expected to complete a "Teaching as Inquiry" cycle. The teachers all planned one at the beginning...
    • Diane Mills

      I enjoyed watching your video with the mix of staff and student input.  Reflection on the use of SOLO taxonomy to encourage higher order thinking amongst students, looks like it has taken hold with  students from some of the cluster schools able to articulate their next steps competently.  Likewise with the work on cyber safety, students have an appreciation of what it means to be safe online.  Teachers in their reflections also made mention of the fact that ongoing support is needed with this.  Teaching as Inquiry is obviously giving all the schools within the cluster the opportunity to focus on what is important to them, rather than a one size fits all approach.

    • Danny Bedingfield

      Hi Diane

      Thanks for your comments. Yes the students reflecting on SOLO was a great interview. It really showed their understanding of how SOLO can help them in their learning and developing next steps. That particular school has been focussing on SOLO for 3 years now so that is the product of a lot of hard work.

      The Teaching as Inquiry model has been a work in progress and still needs refining for next year. We really want to encourage that process and especially the reflection and next steps part of the cycle.

      Its all a learning curve, and a challenge. But it is a great experience for all teachers involved.


    • Tessa Gray

      Hi Danny, thanks for sharing this link with me. You and your teachers/students have been very busy and I agree with Diane - comments about the in-depth responses, show consolidated new learning in both SOLO and cyber-safety.

      I have particularly enjoyed how you have captured the teacher and student voice - following on from your last reflective summary. There is some real gold for others to benefit from in there – particularly practical ways to address cyber-safety (ways to manage pop ups, information sharing, strong passwords etc) so that students are not only aware of the issues, but are displaying the appropriate behaviors as a consequence of this new learning.

      It has also been invaluable to see how these reflections feed into future steps for teachers in 2012.

      Thanks again for sharing,

      Tino kino te pai!

      Tess Smile

  • Danny Bedingfield uploaded the resource Lead Teacher Discussions
    This Wiki link contains four informal discussions had by the lead teachers at a Lead Teacher day. The topics are To Block or Not A discussion that arose out of talking about each schools Cybersafety Policies and how much should schools...
    • Diane Mills

      Hi Danny and Malvern team,

      I have listened in to your discussions on the wiki site and enjoyed 'taking part' in the robust discussions that you have been having.  I applaud the commitment and thought you put into these conversations to tease out the best way forward for you all in your own schools.  These are valuable opportunities for you all to reflect on your progress to date.  The sharing enables people to crystallize their thoughts and I am sure you all go away with a sense of success as well as new ideas and possibilities.  Great stuff.

      Danny I have set alerts for the Malvern group, but don't seem to be getting these coming through.  I wonder what the issue is here?

    • Danny Bedingfield

      Hi Diane

      Thanks for the great feedback.

      I'm sorry i'm not sure about the alerts thing. I seem to be getting alerts from your response.

      Maybe try editing the alerts again, untick them save it then retick them?


  • Danny Bedingfield uploaded the resource Engaging Family and Whanau
    In gathering evidence for Milestone 4. The Malvern ICTPD cluster have decided to post evidence of ways that they have managed to engage Family and Whanau using an online tool. The examples will range from Social Networking (Facebook and Twitter) to...
    • Diane Mills

      Engaging the community has been a difficulty for many clusters and requires some thinking outside the box as it were.  You make the comment quite rightly that parents too need educating in the ways they too could or should respond when given access to online information.  It is a learning curve for them as well. I particularly liked hearing that twitter was used to link students on camp with their families at home.  I am sure that once these initiatives take hold, family and whanau will wonder how they managed before.

  • As part of Milestone evidence for Goal 2. The Malvern ICTPD cluster decided to post some sections of their school curriculums that reference the importance of ICT within their learning environment.
    • Diane Mills

      Each cluster school has made definite plans to incorporate technology into learning their learning programs either through their curriculum documents or appraisal system.  Making opportunities to reflect on these documents and refine them is all part of strategic growth.  Using SMART goals tightens up intentions and makes it easier to collect evidence that change has taken place too.  Have you seen the Registered Teacher Criteria wikispace which may help with linking appraisal to e-learning.

  • These files are the completed "Teaching as Inquiry" plans from the Malvern ICTPD cluster schools. (They will be uploaded as they are completed). Each school was asked to supply one example of the type of teacher inquiry that they completed this...