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  • Rachel O'Connell commented on the file Citizenship
    Thank you so much for sharing.  Wish more people were this generous 
  • Overview of use of the KNet LMS within our school View more presentations from Orini5 What was important for us? To develop a learning management system which; -          Encourages students to...
  • Rob Haddock published a blog post Cardboard Community
    If there was ever a journey with learners that 'shook my tree' since I began my teaching career - this is it! Sandie feels the same way. It's title ended up being called - Little Boxes - a learning journey outside the...
    • donnady

      Hi Rob,

      Whaaaat - We don't get to see the presentation in full  ??? I think we need a cluster Poll in here - some collegial pressure is probably needed LOL. ALSO when do we hear more about "Discovery Days" @ Tahuna ??? ( Just another exciting innovation from the people who brought us "The Cardboard Community" ;)

       I talked to Sandie yesterday and thought the concept was terrific - Great example of how we CAN practically nuture learner curiousity and give our Leonardos some opportunities to specialise (or diversify). Would be awesome to capture some student voice about impact - from their perspective :)

  • Colin McDonald published a blog post Gap Minder
    This is a really cool programme for stats and world view discussions - and its free. You can view the progress of world nations over the last 200 years in a number of criteria such as wealth and health. http://www.gapminder.org/
    • donnady

      Thanks Colin -This programme is a great way to see change over time. Well worth a look around. I've shared it with a few friends :)

  • Toni Twiss published a blog post Here we are on the VLN...
    Kia ora everyone! Lovely to meet with principals and lead teachers this morning.  I really enjoyed hearing about what is happening in your schools and I so look forward to visiting you all.   I am wondering what decision was made around...
    • donnady

      Hi there Toni,

       It was great to have you at our meeting and share where we're at with you:). We'd be very interested in talking more about mobile learning opportunities.

      I know a few schools have already invited you to visit , so we must organise a day and pop out. Lots of stuff to share :)

      We've decided that THIS is the place to hold ongoing, online professional discussions, rather than in our old blog Laughing. We'll continue as we are -with our wikis etc and try to share more resources in here as appropriate.

  • Everyone has been asking about the use of the VLN. I have found this site very useful.   This page introduces the VLN, how it's centralised portal to connect clusters to their own resources and each other. It also provides some clear...
  •    Background As an active part of our cluster's professional learning community we have taken part in much professional development  identifying and exploring  the needs of 21st century learners i.e. examining our values...
  • We worry about the speed of change and often talk about not knowing what the future will bring for our children (as if that could be a reason for keeping the status quo). In fact, we're constantly getting plenty of glimpses ahead. Here's one of them...
    • Deanne Ross

      This would be a good video to show at a parent evening to get people to look at 21st Century possibilities and may give an indication of the challenges we face in teaching as we try to prepare children for a future very different from ours.

      (Barbara & Dee - Orini)

    • Rob Haddock

      I've used this clip at staff meeting and embedded it on our staff wiki. I hope someone is working on creating earthquake resistant glass!

  • Aloma Williams uploaded the file Citizenship
    A big picture unit plan for developing the concept of citizenship with year 7 and 8 students. Activities are designed to run alongside other areas of learning throughout the year. Incorportates elements of Steven Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective...
  • donnady uploaded the resource Edresources Wiki
     Online Collection of sites, recommended by classroom practioners, sorted under Curriculum areas. Just like your school Resource Room  - you have to take time to look around for the resource activity that BEST...
  • donnady added the event Principals & Lead Teachers Meeting
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