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  • Isaac Day created a page Enner Glynn School
    Here is a quick look at what we have nutted out so far...
    • Isaac Day

      No worries.  Not the final version yet of course, but we have some staff working on it to improve it and make it easy for the students and staff to teach and reinforce.


    • Enabling e-Learning

      I have profiled your work in this week's eLearning Round-up | 18 July 2011 > http://bit.ly/q5RDTv - thanks for sharing your expertise and experiences. Koia kei a koe!Laughing


    • Emma Watts

      Hi Isaac.  Like the way that your team have linked your digital profile to your school's learning lenses.  At Tahunanui we linked ours to our school values.  We worked with a small group of tech-angels (Yr4/5 students) to develop our policy.  Your profile has clear links to the New Zealand Curriulum, is linked to your schoool ethos and can be used when students are online or in the 'real world'!  Great work.  I look forward to sharing further ideas at the next lead teacher share.


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    • Sean Lyons

      Content also appears in other post and in a recent mailout, apologies for any cross posting!

      NetSafe are undergoing a process of review of its use agreements and policy templates as part of the revamp of the NetSafe Kit for schools. One aspect of this process is to look at what schools are currently using as use agreements for students and staff and from that to try and gauge exactly what it is that schools feel should be covered by these documents. To do it we need your use agreement.

      All documents that are sent to us will be used to provide us with a snapshot of what is currently being done. All analysis done will remove all identifying data, and no school will be mentioned in any results that are published. NetSafe are happy, as always to discuss your current use agreement with you should you require it, and we will of course provide you with a copy of the results of our analysis.

      Please send a copy of your documents to feedback@netsafe.org.nz.
      Thanks for your help


      All contributions, greatly appreciated




  • Isaac Day published a blog post Our Kids Can Film Festival Movie
    This is our digital story for the Kids Can Film Festival. Our Brief was changes, we had a day and a half to do some learning around this with our kids, so it was a very focussed time! THere were seven 5 and six year olds, some have only been at...
    • Enabling e-Learning

      A great example of harnessing the technology to explore and express an inquiry. Did the students get on to the BIG question of, can we change ourselves?!Wink

      Which part of the process made the most impact on their thinking?

    • Isaac Day

      No. We ran out of time to really get into depth. Smile

      They were so enamored with the iPads that we used a lot of prior knowledge for our learning.  The part that had the most impact iMO was the mindmapping as they explained why they used certain branches, or organised their thoughts in different ways.

  • Isaac Day published a blog post iPads in the classroom...
    What do you make of this... I think it is hilarious! "...The ipad has been useful during our lunchtime guitar lessonsHere someone plays a chord and then we try t play it on our real guitars.  It is so much fun and we have to learn to listen...
    • Timmy

      What the hell?


      What a waste of government funds. No 5 year old needs to become familiar with an Ipad straight away.


      Im in the Finance game and I dont even have one yet. Here are a bunch of 5 year olds strumming guitars on one...Pretty sad really

  • Emma Watts added a new discussion topic Creativity - Do we need to teach it?