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  • Emma Watts published a blog post Working with Tony Ryan at Tahunanui School
    Since beginning the ICT Contract with the Whakatu Cluster Tahunanui School has been developing our school curriculum through integrating key competencies and experimenting with inquiry learning.  Last week 6 teachers from Tahunanui...
    • DaveP

      Hmmmmm...hard to add onto your detailed summary Emma but I liked the way we brought all our ideas to the table and could talk about the bits and pieces that made up our understanding of inquiry learning so far.  I liked talking about the big six as you already nmentioned, and the super 3 which contain the same basic elements as the big 6 but in simpler language that younger students can get their head around - the key parts being PLAN  DO   REVIEW.  It is something i have begun with my kids and have enjoyed.  I also found it useful when Tony explained that the review part of the process can happen throughout the process.  E.G I gave the example of times where we have come up with worthwhile questions about what we want to investigate but then gone off on tangents and then forgotten to review at the end if we actually answered what we set out to.  Tony suggested reviewing after different steps of the big 6 to see if our ideas have changed, or if we have new valid questions to answer, and to check our changing understandings as we progress....so more of a circular pattern of inquiry rather than a linear flow that follows set steps (that makes sense in my mind as I picture Tony's diagram but probably not to anyone else who is bothering to read this).  I also liked how we talked about having a WORTHY question to look at that is open-ended and involves higher order thinking.  The teacher provides scaffolding and gradually removes this as you progress.  Lots to think about ay.  Dave.

    • Emma Watts

      Hi Dave

      Good response.  I though the super three was a great way to focus students on where their inquiry was good too (i.e. Q. What have you done so far?, Q. What's your favourite part? Q. What will you do next?) 

      Asking worthy questions is key, and teacher scaffolding is the start.  You may be interested in Trevor Bond's work on developing children's questioning skills (http://ictnz.com/Questioning.htm.)  I attended his break out on students asking questions - his question matrix would be a great way to develop skills in questioning.  Check out his questioning wiki for further information. 

      Definitely lots to think about!  EmSmile

    • Paul Drummond

      Thanks Emma for the comprehensive summary. Tony's input enabled us to synthesise our previous work on cuurriculum design. We have now a clearer and stronger rationale for the structure of our curriculum. Key competencies are the starting point of our planning and there is now an understanding of the place of 'enquiry'. Tony scaffolded our learning with an energy and pace. The questioning was challenging and  led to common understandings and next steps. 

      We talked about reading,maths and writing too and whether it could taught through enquiry. No consensus! However I believe the over emphasis on the 'core' and any high stakes around their assesssment have the real potential to compromise the best outcomes of a wide and creative curriculum.

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  • Kelliem published a blog post Tony Ryan meets 'Horace' the Thinking Grid.
    Our session with Tony was inspiring, enlightening and provocative  We decided to have the syndicate leaders and eLearning lead teachers for the Whakatu and link Learning clusters at this meeting. As a Leadership Forum we had begun developing a...
    • Allanah King

      I've been having a little play with http://www.mindmeister.com/maps/show/82445768 for sharing how we might link Web2 to KC.

      It doesn't embed on the VLN. It would be great to have a pro account so we could all work on it together.

      I only have a free account so can only share collaboratively with five people.

      Rumour has it that someone esle has alreaday done a similar thing.

      Does anyone know of it??




    • Isaac Day

      Kellie, can you let us know a little about the wonder wall changes you made as a result of Tony's visit?  I like how this focussed the questions and really enjoyed its application during the recent walkthrough.


    • Isaac Day

      I really like the 'coding' approach, we too are looking at building this into our learning principles.  It helps to promote some dialogue and discussion around these things and may prove to be valuable for students self assessment/evaluation.

      Nice work Nayland - Glad to hear it went well  Smile

  • Isaac Day published a blog post Tony Ryan's Visit to our School - Enner Glynn
        We had the privilege of having Tony Ryan work with our leadership team here at Enner Glynn School.  We had 150minutes with him and during this time he worked with us on our School's purpose, vision and learning principles...
    • Janice Gulbransen

      Picking up on your inquiry comments Isaac - have been thinking /reflecting about inquiry in NZ schools and am wondering if  we need to follow a model, there are so many models out there and to my knowledge there is no evidence that any one model improves learning outcomes for kids more than any other model.  It is the skills our students need, and yes, they can be presented in a model but not all models will suit all children so do we have to teach the skills and their application and then introduce children to a variety of models.......  are some models better for science investigations and some more suited for a social science inquiry of a maths inquiry...... so should the focus not be on the model but on the skills of effective inquiry?

    • Isaac Day

      I totally agree Janice.  Weare looking at developing learning processes for writing and science this year... wil be interesting to see how it goes, our goal is to make the skills transferrable.  Based soemm of it on the wonderfu work of Lane Clarke that we saw last year at U-Learn.

    • sharon fuemana

      Hi Isaac,

      I'm DP in West Auckland and was really interested in your post.  Our school has been on a journey of developing our curriculum based on our school vision.  Within this we have been looking at how we embed effective pedagogy and priciples of learning in our curriculum.  I like the term 'lens', when referring to the learning principles! 

      I am really interested to hear how the development of links has been going for you between the curriculum and pedagogy to support quality learning and growth across the school and how your visual framework is going to teach sub skills such as questioning. 




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