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  • Emma Watts created a page Contributing to Class Blogs
    How we aim to encourage parent contribution to class blogs during 2011: Sending a letter home introducing the class blog When a student writes a blog post sent a note home Reminders about classblogs in the school newletters and class...
    • Emma Watts

      First parent comment on this year's class blog.  Year 3, Room 9, Term 1. To read the full blog post, the comments and watch the video click on Aquarium Trip.  Perhaps you would like to make a comment too! Smile



  • Emma Watts created a page Respect and Protect
    A cyber safety agreement can be very wordy!  Often we sign it and forget all about it.  So how can we make it a 'living document'?  Last year (2010) my class and I started a book that lived in the book corner so we could read it at...