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Weekly updates 2022

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Term 1 2022 Term 2 2022

Week 1: Scaffolding

Week 2: Vocabulary

Week 3: From Vocabulary to reading

Week 4: Texts and CEFR levels

Week 5: Why the Guidance information in unit standards is important

Week 6: The draft literacy standards

Week 7: More on literacy

Week 8: NZC, initial assessments and more on literacy

Week 9: Assessments for learners with additional learning needs

Week 10: Unpacking us 28070

Week 11: Rubrics for ELLs

Week 1: Links for Term 2   

Week 2: Digging into unit standards to inform teaching and learning   

Week 3: News, events and updates 

Week 4: Assessing listening    

Week 5: Form filling: Do more with less    

Week 6: Who can be assessed using EL Unit standards?       

Week 7: Diagnostic and placement tests   

Week 8: More on Assessments

Week 9: Let's share some resources 

Week 10: Wide reading and what is coming up next term                                    

Term 3 2021 Term 4 2021

Week 1: Literacy standards in the news again

Week 2: Links to support ESOL funding applications

Week 3: Teaching reading

Week 4: New Zealand based resources

Week 5: Readers, assessments and Maths support

Week 6: Literacy standards and study awards

Week 7: ESOL Department Review / Job descriptions

Week 8: Literacy and numeracy assessments

Week 9: Literacy and numeracy

Week 10: Resubmission and further assessment opportunities



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