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Term 3 Week 1: Forms to fill in!

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Hi everyone 

 And welcome back. Our thoughts and best wishes go to our colleagues who have been impacted by the recent weather - I hope you are all getting back to normal.


What’s coming up?


1st August is the date for ESOL funding applications. You can find more details here.  If you are new to the process or want to review the process you will find the Funding Application Process Flowchart and the FAQs helpful.


Assisting mainstream teachers to contribute to decisions on students’ ELLP levels and using this information to plan teaching and learning is an important part of the ELLP process. The English Language Learning Progressions Pathway Year 1-8 is useful well beyond year 8. Although the statements are ‘I statements’ the document

is helpful in unpacking the ELLP matrices descriptors, showing next learning steps and linking teachers to excellent support and PD.


Julie has reminded us to complete the NCEA Proposed Subjects survey before it closes on 13 August. You can do so on this page. You can read Julie’s full email and advice on this link. Do encourage full discussion of this topic with your colleagues and make sure that your voice represents the best interest of your learners and  is heard at national level. What are the key questions for you? Here are some ideas:


  • What would you like the final learning pathway to look like for your students?

  • What would you like to change about the current systems for ELLs?

  • Is there anything from the current system you would like to keep?

  • What are the implications for students?

  • What are the implications for teachers and departments?


Shared with us

The Ministry of Education’s July ESOL update


Language weeks and events for schools


Cook Islands Language Week: Sunday 1 August to Saturday 7 August 2021


Maths Week: 9-13 August


Money Week: 9-15 August


Tongan Language Week 5-12th September


Te Wiki o te Reo Māori: 13-19th September



Refugees as Survivors NZ: Welcoming Schools for Students from Refugee Backgrounds: Last workshop for 2021. Monday 2nd August, 9.30-2.30pm – Kohia Centre, Auckland. This event is free of charge and the booking form is attached.


TESOLANZ Secondary SIG are meeting to hear about and discuss composite classes. Further details to follow.


Don’t miss out - Early Bird registration for CLESOL  closes 6th August - St Cuthbert’s, Auckland 08 - 09 October 2021. Funding is available to attend for PPTA members. Find out more here. As other funding options become available I will let you know.


On other communities

Primary ESOL Online are discussing ELLP funding and, in particular, when a student can be said to have ‘achieved’ a level. Janet directed the community to the following from the ELLP Professional Support Modules


For funding purposes, only the achieved stage is recorded on the record of progress cover sheet. This is necessary for national consistency. The achieved stage means that the student has achieved the majority of the descriptors at a particular stage, in each mode. It is important to ensure that the students show these descriptors independently and consistently across a range of contexts. Teachers should focus mainly on academic language (CALP) when making stage decisions rather than on basic communication skills (BICS).


Secondary Literacy Online shared a link to Handwriting beats typing and watching videos for learning to read.


A note on accessing the archive - to access the archives you do need to enter a username and password. New members will need to reset their password before you can enter for the first time.


Have  great week everyone.



Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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