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Week 10: NCEA Changes

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

 This is the final update for this term. You will still be able to posy over the break but there will be no updates.


We have one outstanding question from Heni who posted the following


We're really excited about the newly changed ESOL funding criterion, "New Zealand born students of migrant parents are eligible for funding for a maximum of 12 school terms. You can now apply for this funding regardless of a student’s year level or the number of years they have been at school in New Zealand."


Has anyone come up with a school wide plan or procedure to screen and include them in our next funding application?  Secondly, in terms of evidence to support this new criterion, will the school enrolment form suffice or do we have to ask for parents' passports?  Will anyone do this for the 1st August deadline this year?  If so, could you share how you plan to do it?  Or should we all start in 2022?


Can anyone assist?


This week there was a Zoom meeting led by Anne McCarty that looked at the upcoming NCEA changes including the proposal to include ESOL as a subject in the Learning Languages area. The meeting was well attended and a range of views were expressed.


I would encourage you to continue to discuss the proposals and consider the pros and cons for students and as well as teachers.


You might like to discuss what you would like to changes to achieve, what the best possible outcome for all would look like and how our community can work towards achieving this.


The key question asked in the discussion doc are 

  • Do you agree that the proposed language learning subjects cover all significant learning that should be available in Learning Languages?

  • Do you support the proposal to offer Comparative Languages as a new subject?

  • Do you support the proposal to offer English as a Second Language as a new subject?

  • Do you support maintaining Mandarin as the subject title for the Chinese-language learning subject at Levels 1, 2 and 3?

What are the key questions for you? Here are some ideas.

  • What would you like the final learning pathway to look like for your students?

  • What would you like to change about the current systems for ELLs?

  • Is there anything from the current system you would like to keep?

  • What are the implications for students?

  • What are the implications for teachers and departments?


In-depth analysis on the proposed changes is available in The New Zealand Curriculum Technical Report https://ncea.education.govt.nz/have-your-say


You can provide feedback here. There is an option, via a pop up box to provide longer feedback


Information on Learning Languages is available in:

A note on accessing the archive - to access the archives you do need to enter a username and password. New members will need to reset their password before you can enter for the first time.


Language weeks and events for schools


Matariki Dates: Setting 2 June 2021, Rising 2-5 July, Period 2-10 July 


Kiribati Language Week: 11-17 July 2021 - why not extend this celebration into the first week of next term if you haven’t had time to celebrate yet


Cook Islands Language Week: Sunday 1 August to Saturday 7 August 2021



Refugees as Survivors NZ: Welcoming Schools for Students from Refugee Backgrounds: Last workshop for 2021. Mon 2nd August, 9.30-2.30pm – Kohia Centre, Auckland. This event is free of charge and the booking form is attached.


Registration for CLESOL  is now open- St Cuthbert’s, Auckland 08 - 09 October 2021. Funding is available to attend for PPTA members. Find out more here. As other funding options become available I will let you know.


On other communities

On Secondary Literacy Online Jacqueline recommended looking at the Ministry of Education's Literacy and Maths Strategy Development site - especially Shifting the Dial on Literacy.

Have a well deserved break everyone.



Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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