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Week 10: More on the NZC reset

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

    Last week we continued our discussion about the New Zealand Curriculum reset with varied and interesting posts. This is a very complex topic and it is important that ESOL teachers consider the implications and opportunities of the rese, discuss these in their networks and input into the conversation via the available mechanisms. 


A number of issues have been highlighted. These include:

  • The overall status of ESOL / English as an Additional Language within the NZC - intervention or key learning area?

  • Where  ESOL / English as an Additional Language might be positioned within the NZC. People have have suggested

    • inclusion of English as an Additional Language under another key learning area such as English or Languages 

    • or as a stand alone area as has happened with other new ‘subjects’

  • Should ESOL / English as an Additional Language have achievement standards

    • Would this apply to English Language unit standards?

    • If so how would EL level 1-3 unit standards relate to NCEA Levels 1-3

    • What about EAP standards?

  • How to support and promote bilingualism


As Kerry said, ‘So many aspects to consider on this iceberg!’


Keep the discussion going - both here and in your networks.


Key information can be found at the following links



Registrations for the 2021 NZLA Conference are now open!.


Term 1 Links and language weeks 


Earth Day – 22 April 2021 


ANZAC Day  – 25 April 2021 The NZ Curriculum online provides some links and resources.


Ramadan begins on April 12th, 2021, at the end of Ramadan,  


Rotuman Language Week 9 – 16 May 2021.


Samoa Language Week Sunday 24 May – Saturday 30 May.


On other communities

On Secondary Literacy Online Jacqueline linked to an article in Literacy Today on The Fab Four Strategies: Digital tools for dramatically improving comprehension (Pages 48-49).


Have a great week



Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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