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Weekly updates 2021

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Last updated by Breda Matthews


Term 1 2021 Term 2 2021

Week 1: Welcome back and wide reading

Week 2: More on Wide Reading

Week 3: Initial and diagnostic assessment

Week 4: Why don't students learn what I teach?

Week 5: Thinking of our Auckland colleagues and students

Week 6: Supporting our diverse learners

Week 7: More on initial assessment

Week 8: The NZC Reset

Week 9: NZC reset and funding for CLESOL

Week 10: More on the NZC reset

Week 11: End of term round up

Week 1: Our changing landscape

Week 2: Questions about unit standards assessments

Week 3: Continuing to learn and supporting our colleagues

Week 4: More PD opportunities

Week 5: Checking your unit standard assessment tasks

Week 6: Assessment support resources

Week 7: Course planning and NCEA changes

Week 8: Learning pathways for students and teachers

Week 9: More on assessment changes and assessment resources

Week 10: NCEA changes

Term 3 2021 Term 4 2021

Week 1: ELLP funding round and NCEA subjects survey

Week 2: Conferences and Surveys

Week 3: Standardised reading tests

Week 4: NZ resources and assessment during lockdown

Week 5: Sharing ideas on teaching and assessment during lockdown

Week 6: Teaching, learning and assessing during lockdown

Week 7: Wellbeing

Week 8: Sharing resources and further study

Week 9: Supporting and transitioning  ELLs into the mainstream

Week 10: Revised NCEA subjects list

Week 1: What is on your mind?

Week 2: What vocabulary should students learn?

Week 3: Literacy integration and TESSOL scholarships

Week 4: More on Assessment - EAP and Horticulture

Week 5: Establishing shared understandings of assessment

Week 6: Portfolio assessment and using the EAP standards

Week 7: Planning for 2022

Week 8: Consultation on international education year 9 and below


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