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Week 4: Looking after ourselves during Covid-19

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

   Last week we shared resource packs from Auckland Zoo


Thanks to Athlyn who reminded us to look after ourselves and posted some useful tips. Several people have replied to this strand sending thanks. I won’t distribute any more of these so that I don’t clog up your emails with the same message.


There are also a few posts on TESOLANZ Talk looking at self care including Three rules for staying happy and sane.


Of interest to us is a conversation on English Online re the use of digital tools when writing. This was prompted by a clarification for NZQA. As in our community there was a divergence of views ranging from ‘This is what writing in the real world is’ to’ Digital tools compromise authenticity’ and somewhat more philosophical approach that asked if writing was the physical of getting text on paper or something more creative?


I have posted a new blog on Providing for our most vulnerable learners during the Covid-19 shutdown. 

I’d love to hear your recommendations for providing learning opportunities for students with limited or no access to online learning.

Don’t forget

TESSOL further study awards available. Applications close Friday 15th May. If you have questions as to whether you would be eligible to apply please ask the Ministry directly, contact details are on the linked page.


The Education Gazette will only be available online this month. Find it here.



New Zealand Sign Language Week is 4-10 May - This may lend itself to an information report or giving and following instructions.

Samoan language week, Sunday 24 May - Saturday 30 May.


On other communities

English Online  shared a short film I have used very effectively this year was the New Zealand short film 'Milk and Honey' about the Dawn Raids of the 1970s. It has been used for the Level 2 Connections standards and might suit anyone studying migration to NZ at EAP levels.


This community also shared a link to resources for Fleur Beale’s text Dirt Bomb


Primary ESOL Online have asked questions regarding the Period 2 funding round for ELLs. Janet McQueen is seeking advice and I will let you know what happens.


Secondary Literacy Online shared research from Evaluation Associates on Māori and Pasifika parents feedback to the current online learning environment. The Scoop Education article notes that "Their perspectives are shared in the hope that they might help schools provide equitable programmes whilst the restrictions on attending school in-person remain. But, perhaps even more importantly, the parent voices provide insights that could help refocus education in the longer term". You can read the summary and access the research PDF here, School-led-learning at home: Voices of parents of Māori and Pasifika students.

Have a good week - keep well and keep safe.


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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