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Week2: What can we learn form our remote teaching experience?

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

    We have had a quiet week on Secondary ESOL Online as everyone adjusts to the new work routines. I am in awe of the efforts of teachers to make sure that they provide for their students as well as their families well-being.


This week I thought I might ask what we can learn from this different way of teaching. Of course, there will be personal learning using new tools and ways of working for both us and out students. But I wondered what are the positives, what are the things we would like to continue to do, once we return to a more normal school provision?


Have there been any benefits? For example:

  • Students taking more responsibility for their own work?

  • Parents being more involved in, or aware of, their teens learning?

  • A discovery of tools that reduce workload?

  • A greater connection between teachers and students?

  • More co-operation between departments?

  • More equity of access?

Of course some of these issues, as well as others, will have produced new questions and issues to solve. It would be good to also discuss those But on a personal level, am going to persist with my ‘cup half full’ coping strategy!


So what would you like to see continue or to do more of?


 I’d love to hear your answers.



Anzac Day is fast approaching. Is this an opportunity for homebound students to follow and write recipes (procedural texts)

New Zealand Sign Language Week is 4-10 May - This may lend itself to an information report or giving and following instructions.

Samoan language week, Sunday 24 May - Saturday 30 May.


On other communities

Primary ESOL Online shared Murray Gadd’s Writing at home resources.

Make sure that you watch his introduction first.

Primary ESOL Online also shared  Tan Huynh podcasts, Empowering ELLs Tan is recording podcasts talking to experts each day about teaching online. This is a special episode to support teachers and schools experiencing school closures due to the COVID19 pandemic. I enjoyed ‘Tech Free Remote Learning’.

You might also want to check out Offline Learning from Home from Colorin Colorado.
Keep well, keep safe.


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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