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Week 9: Supporting our learners during Covid-19 and literacy in schools

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone

      I thought I would start with a wee reminder to you all. I know how committed our community are to our students but please remember to take some time to take care of yourselves and loved ones at this difficult time.


There is lots of good advice about working from home but my personal experience tells me to be careful to set office hours. They don’t have to be 9 to 5, you could set 2 hours block across the day. If you have a partner and children perhaps you can agree times for who is ’at work’ and who is ‘at home’ and when you will both be ‘at home’. And when you are not ‘at work’, it is important to actually be present with your family. So decide on the times when you are going to put your phone away or turn work notifications off.


This week I shared my blog on ways to support ELLs during the Covid-19 lockdown. This is the first of a series. I will cover reading and listening next, followed by writing and speaking.


It has been wonderful to see additional ideas from teachers in response and a special thanks must go to Ami Kindler. Not only has she shared her New Plymouth Girls High School blog but she has checked that all of the links are up to date. A huge thank you Ami - what a great resource for us and your students. If shared an idea please consider adding it to our online doc if it is not already there.


In other news we discussed how to ensure authenticity in writing tasks. You can follow the thread here.  There were some differing opinions as to how this might be done, but everyone agreed that authenticity of student work is a key issue and must be ensured in schools. Thanks to Damon for starting this topic.


Ami had a question regarding unit standards and the NCEA review. Thanks to Julie who posted the following clarification for us


English Language unit standards can still be used in 2021, as the NCEA Review is for achievement standards only at this stage. I have contacted NZQA to find out about the status of our unit standards in 2022 and will let you know their response.


In the news

An accelerated English language programme for a group of driven young former refugees in Invercargill has seen them achieve well beyond expectations.  Read it here in the Gazette.


The next issue of the Education Gazette will be digital only. You can sign up to receive the Gazette by email here.



Samoan language week, Sunday 24 May - Saturday 30 May - more links next week


On other communities

Secondary Literacy Online had an interesting conversation around reading in schools that Julie Luxton has taken part in. Perhaps we can encourage Julie to cross post but here are some highlights from the conversation.


Jacqui Goble shared a report  Enabling academic literacy: Smoothing the transition to tertiary learning.

Julie Luxton noted her concerns regarding ‘the diminishing time students spend reading in and across their learning area classes’ and pointed out the crucial role the EAP standards can play in preparing students for tertiary study. Julie’s concerns have been reported in her own and other research for example Literacy and Language Pedagogy within Subject Areas in Years 7–11.

Keep safe and stay well everyone.
Kind regards


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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