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Week3: Looking after the social and emotional wellbeing of our students

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Hi everyone

Thank you to Athlyn and Sian for starting off our conversations with a question about exclusions and English Language standards. Any more responses would be welcomed.


Term is underway but it has been a disrupted start for many students. Juliet Fry prompted me to think about the social and emotional, as well as academic, well being of our students in regards to the recent health scares in Samoa and Asia. The impacts on students will vary and might include a disrupted start to the school year and the anxiety this may cause, concern for, and possibly loss of, family members and negative reactions in the wider school community. 


I would love to hear what steps your schools are taking to safeguard the academic, social and emotional well being of our students.


The official Education NZ advice for schools on novel coronavirus is updated regularly so remember to check it regularly while the situation is fluid. The site has information that schools need to be familiar with especially in relation to International Students arriving from China. The site also has translated documents for families and caregivers. 


However I would encourage you to ask about who, in your school, is looking after other affected students.


CLESOL call for abstracts There are lots of options for presenting including Lightening talks of 2-5 minutes where you share an idea and presentations of 25 minutes as well as longer workshops. Please consider submitting an abstract. You can find an example of an abstract on this page, scroll down a wee way and your local TESOLANZ branch can also support you Closing date of Abstract Submission: Friday 28 February 2020.



  • Term One Experience Asia funding applications close on Wednesday 19 February. More on Experience Asia here

  • TESOLANZ Branch Meeting Dates and What's On- plus they have a new webpage and  Facebook group TESOLANZ Talk.

  • TESOLANZ have also sent out a survey to members about PD needs - have you completed yours?

  • CLESOL 2020 2 – 4 October 2020, at St. Cuthbert’s College, Epsom, AUCKLAND. The theme for CLESOL 2020 will be: Making connections: Reaching across borders. You can now register for updates on here..

  • MOE ESOL Funding Applications for terms 1 and 2 are due by 1 March 2020. You will find the forms and further information on the application process here. Don’t forget we have a module on ESOL Online to support Teachers in making ELLP decisions in relation to the Application process. Module 6 – Using ELLP to support funding applications .


On other communities

Student well being has also been a theme on English Online. You can read the thread here. This community also re-shared the link to their document of text suggestions.


Primary ESOL Online have shared a number of bilingual resources including

and also shared  a poem about the refugee experience, by Babak Ghassim and Usama Elyas.

Enjoy the rest of the week.


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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