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Week 6: Thinking about next year

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

   It has been a quiet week on ESOL Online and I expect that teachers are busy filing and thinking about next year. Other communities are also considering next year, what to teach and how best to do this.


  • So, what has gone well in your department this year?

  • What would you like to further develop or start next year and how are you going to achieve this? 

  • What things do you want to check out / read up on before the start of next year>


Remember one manageable change is likely to result in a better outcome for your students and for your work life balance and this community is here to help.


Offline I had a question about resources/strategies for language competency for international students on entry.  How does your school manage this process?


In the news

You may have seen that there are going to be changes to the teacher registration process - it is going online. Find out more here.


Shared with us

TESOLANZ Talk  shared 



Effective Teaching and Learning to Enable Pacific Success and Unpacking Tapasa Educatalysts, 2nd December, Onehunga, Auckland.


Friday 29th November -  Behrouz Boochani is an Iranian-Kurdish writer, film-maker, refugee and author of 'Writings from Manus Prison' is speaking in Christchurch. Find out more here.


On other communities

Secondary Literacy Online have discussed the deliberate integration of te ao Māori concepts into your curriculum. Alana noted that for every Pakeha concept, there will be a te ao Māori concept. Literacy is much more than reading and writing; it is a socio-cultural practice. So each text or concept you teach comes from a ‘world view’. How can we ensure that learners experience more than one world view in our classrooms? So, planning for next year, where are there opportunities to be deliberate in exploring at least two world views? 


Primary ESOL Online discussed teaching writing and outlined the importance of a process that includes building the field, modelling the text type, joint construction and independent construction of text.



Have great week.



Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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