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Week 5 term 4 - Which unit standards are expiring and which are continuing?

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Hi everyone,

   This week we received notification that the Bay of Plenty ESOL PLD Cluster are hosting a workshop on the New and revised unit standards workshop on 20th November, This workshop will be facilitated by Julie Luxton. Location John Paul College, Rotorua. If you are interested in attending please contact Helen Willacy. Her email is hwillacy.katikaticollege.school.nz


On a related issue I have had a couple of questions about which standards are expiring and which are continuing so here is a cheats guide.


Standards that are expiring and can no longer be used after December 2019 will have ‘This standard is expiring’ after the name of a standard and the downloaded standard will have expiring in the header and a watermark on the standard.






If the standard doesn’t have these two things it is a continuing standard. For example 27999 is a continuing standard.


Shirley asked about IELTS resources and courses. Thank you to those who replied. Further suggestions would be welcome.



WATESOL (Wellington) November 13, 4-5:30pm, Massey University Wellington

Executive Seminar Suite. Guest speaker: Associate Professor Averil Coxhead. Title: Word lists: Something old, something new.


On other communities

Secondary Literacy Online discussed unit planning and reducing the transition gap.


As part of that discussion the community looked at vocabulary learning. I would like to ask if your school, ESOL and other departments focus on teaching vocabulary - the actual words, or teaching strategies to learn vocabulary. Which do you think is more importnat and why?


The other topic on this community was reducing the transition gap. There are several transition points for students for example moving from intermediate to secondary, from Year 10 to NCEa, arriving in a New Zealand school and many more. However there are also key transition from ESOL lessons into other subject areas. I’d love to hear how schools identify these transitions and how they manage these.


Have great week.



Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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