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Week 4 NCEA changes / Course planning

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

   Last week Bev started a discussion around the upcoming changes to NCEA. Several points were raised by Bev and other contributors to this discussion. These include:

  • Ensuring that any assessments are suitable for use by ELLs

  • Ensuring that there are appropriate pathways for ELLs  who do not achieve Level 1 literacy and therefore do no obtain NCEA

  • Repurposing EAP standards, possibly externally marked, as a pathway

  • The potential impact on number if international fee-paying students wishing to study in New Zealand 

  • Flow on effects of this on schools ability to provide for domestic students

  • Who will be responsible for ensuring ELLs  meet the new requirements


You can follow this thread and all of the contributions here.

You can find about more about the review and sign up for workshops in your area on this NCEA Review page.


In another conversation Corrina asked about ESOL programmes and number of hours of study for students.  You can read all of the responses by scrolling through this thread.

Several teachers shared what happens in their schools and as you can imagine the provision reflects the learning needs of students.  Providing for students should always stem from a needs analysis. Teachers going through this process might find it useful to use the Steps in Course Planning materials provided by the Ministry of Education on ESOL Online which are available on this page.


TESSOL scholarships - It is time to start thinking about TESSOL (Teaching English in Schools for Speakers of Other Languages) study plans for next year. Information about each of the TESSOL providers will be sent to schools and are available on the MOE website. Please share this information with your ESOL and mainstream colleagues.



The TESOLANZ AGM will take place on Saturday 12 October at  Wintec, Nisbet St, Hamilton.


AKTESOL event 12 September 6:00pm. Location: ACG Parnell College, 2 Titoki Street, Parnell, Auckland 1052

  • Presentation by Dr. Emily Saavedra, Academic Coordinator for Foundation Education, Massey University. "Making a Case for the Use of Mobile Devices: Influences and Challenges"

  • Follow on workshop by Dr. Faezeh Mehrang, Centre for Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE), Massey University. "Teaching EAP through technology: Introduction to an online interactive teaching tool"


Wonderful news that AKTESOL have agreed to video these presentations and share on TESOLANZ. 


MANATESOL is hosting a number of speakers on August 10 at ETC in Palmerston North. Please join us, if you are in the area. Morning tea provided. 

  • Dr Hilary Smith: Lessons in the International Year of Indigenous Languages from a language revival project in Australia 

  • Ramola Ladge: How and what do tertiary TESOL teachers identify as their professional development needs?

  • Mastura Abd Rahman: Narratives of Agency: Afghan refugee background students’ experience of schooling in New Zealand


Refugee Symposium Monday 26 August, AUT Refugee Education Centre Cost $30.00 email sarah.paget@aut.ac.nz


CLESOL 2020 - You can now register your interest to receive updates on the webpage  Venue and date - St Cuthbert’s, Auckland 02–04 October 2020


Shared with us


TESOLANZ Talk have discussed NCEA changes and why incorporating productive maths talk into the classroom helps to support ELLs.


David Riley has released two new books written especially for young people who haven't had much success, Reading Warriors, has with reading. One is about cancer survivor/WWE pro wrestler/actor Roman Reigns. The second is about Nathan Nukunuku, 4 time world champion and inspirational captain of the NZ Black Sox softball team.  More information about the books is attached.  


On other communities

Primary ESOL Online shared translation tools.


Have a great week.



Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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