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Webinar recordings 2012 - 2015

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Here are the archived Enabling e-Learning webinar sessions 2012 - 2015. Watch, listen and playback on demand.


Please note: Blackboard Collaborate webinar recordings will play back in Vimeo, while Adobe Connect webinars will play back directly in Adobe Connect which means leaving this page.

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Enabling e-Learning on demand...


Screenshot of Maker space webinarWebinar: Maker space, maker movement, what is it, why do we do it? (11/2015) Part of this thread: Maker culture, is it really all that new?

Digital portfolios webinar screenshotWebinar: Digital portfolios for teachers (10/2015) Part of this thread: Appraisal, registered teacher criteria and your e-learning goals.

Unconference webinar screenshotWebinar: Unconference: Guest presenter YOU! (9/2015) 

Leading e-learning webinar screenshot Webinar: e-Learning leadership: what does it take?  (8/2015) Part of this thread: e-Learning leadership: what does it take in a digital age?

Pakirehua Webinar: Pakirehua teacher as Inquiry with a Māori world view (8/2015) Part of this thread: Pakirehua: Teacher Inquiry with a Māori world view

PLD Social Networking screenshotWebinar:Personalising PLD using social networks (8/2015) Part of this thread: Personalising PLD using social networks

Screenshot of resourcing e-learning webinarWebinar: Resourcing e-learning (6/2015) Part of this thread: Resourcing how and why of e-Learning | NAPP Kōrero 6 2015

Screenshot of UDL webinarWebinar: Universal Design for Learning - applying the framework to create an inclusive classroom (6/2015) Part of this thread: Forum: Universal Design for Learning

Screenshot of BYOD webinarWebinar: BYOD at Wairakei (4/2015) Part of this thread: BYOD at Wairakei | An Enabling e-Learning event

Screenshot of Introducing CLA webinar Webinar: Introducing the Connected Learning Advisory - Te Ara Whītiki (3/2015) Part of this thread: Introducing the Connected Learning Advisory 

Screenshot of Getting to know learners webinar Webinar: Whakawhanaungatanga - Getting to know our learners (3/2015) Part of this thread: Whakawhanaungatanga - Getting to know our learners

 e-Learning tools in literacy (12/2014) Part of this thread: e-Learning tools in Literacy - writing using digital tools

Screenshot of eLPF online tool webinar Webinar - Using the eLPF online tool and analysing your data (11/2014) Part of this thread: eLPF online tool

Screenshot of 1:1 webinar Webinar: Moving towards 1 1 devices - exploring different approaches and lessons learned (10/2014) Part of the BYOD theme Screenshot of Elpf and strategic planning webinar Webinar: Using the e-Learning Planning Framework as a tool for strategic planning and staff development (10/2014) Part of this thread: eLPF online tool


Screenshot of Learner agency webinar Webinar: EEL Working together to reimagine student agency (10/2014) Part of the Universal Design for Learning theme


Screenshot of NZQA webinar Webinar: NZQA assessment online (10/2014Part of this thread: NZQA and Assessment online


Supporting secondary maths through digital technologies (8/2014) Part of this thread: Have you considered flipping your Maths programme in a Junior Secondary context?


Supporting maths through digital technologies (5/2014) Part of these threads: Infusing e-learning into maths Josie Woon and the VLN/EEL communities (4/2014) Part of this thread: Sneaky ways to fit professional learning into a busy schedule 


Ways to build your online professional learning community (3/2014) Part of these threads:  Professional learning in the digital age | Opportunities and challenges and How can we use the VLN / Enabling e-Learning for our own learning?


e-Learning appraisal and registered teacher criteria (11/2013) Part of this thread: Appraisal and your e-learning goals for 2013

Gaming in Education (11/2013) Part of this thread: Gaming in education

Schools, Google apps and the cloud (9/2013) Part of this thread: Schools, Google apps and the cloud

Strategic planning and e-learning NAPP korero 14 (9/2013) Part of this thread: 2013: Leadership and strategic planning for e-learning | NAPP Kōrero 14


Secondary curriculum, NCEA and e-learning (8/2013) Part of this thread: NCEA and e-learning | Designing for success

Smart libraries and information hubs for the future (8/2013) Part of this thread: Relevant, smart libraries of the future 

Unconference - e-learning in your classroom - your voice (7/2013) Part of this thread:  Come, let's meet and share what we do


Engaging with whānau and the wider community - a kura perspective  (6/2013) Part of this thread: Engaging with whānau and the wider community - a kura perspective.

What does effective e-learning pedagogy and UFB look like? (6/2013) Part of this thread: What changes when you get ultra-fast broadband?

Using e-tools purposefully for assessment of literacy in a primary setting (4/2013) Part of this thread: Using e-tools purposefully for assessment of literacy in a primary setting.

Using mobile technologies in a junior classroom - one teacher's story (3/2013) Part of this thread: Using mobile technologies in a junior classroom


Using digitised primary sources across the curriculum (11/2012) Part of this thread: Using digitised primary sources across the curriculum

Digital Learning spaces: what does it look like? (10/2012) Part of this thread: What do tomorrow's classrooms look like?


BYOD- How to use mobile technologies effectively (9/2012) Part of this thread: The great BYOD debate


Ethics for teachers working online (9/2012) Part of this thread: Social Media and Ethics for Teachers Working Online


Digital citizenship - using Inquiry to build digital citizenship (6/2012) Part of the Digital Citizenship theme

Portfolios in the classroom (6/2012) Part of these resources: PowerPoint  presentation and Russell Street School documentation.

Building reflective practice (5/2012) Part of the Professional Learning theme 

Digital resources for Māori learners (3/2012) - Part of the Learning with digital technologies for Māori and Pasfika learners theme

When broadband comes to you, where to start (3/2012) Part of the Technologies theme

What does professional learning look like online for learners and leaders (2/2012 Part of the Professional Learning theme



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