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Week 6: Waht texts can be used for wide reading standards

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Hi everyone,

  Last week we continued sharing resources to explain the ELLP matrices in student friendly language.  Several people contributed suggestions and resources. Many thanks to Heather for starting the conversation and to everyone who contributed.    


Christopher James asked if poems and song are suitable texts for the wide reading standard 31005.  My first thought is that, if the text meet the requirements of the standard, and they have been read as opposed to listened to.


The requirements of the standard include the Guidance information


2. This unit standard is at a level comparable to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) A2.  It is intended for learners who have a basic command of English.  A structured overview of all CEFR related scales can be found at http://www.coe.int/en/web/portfolio/overview-of-cefr-related-scales.


8. For this unit standard:

i candidates should be supported in their choice of texts;

ii written texts may be abridged versions, designed for English language learners;

iii   texts must be guided by the first 1000 words of New General Service List.


and the Outcome including the Range Statement


Read and understand a range of simple written texts independently (EL).


Range  written text types may include but are not limited to – graded readers, short stories,

            articles, websites;

           minimum of four written texts of at least three different text types.


Note that the Range Statement states that text types may include but are not limited to ….


So my understanding is that any text would have to fall generally within the first 1000 words of the NGSL and meet the CEFR level of A2.



July 13th, TESOLANZ will be hosting a symposium at WINTEC in Hamilton. "Building the Knowledge Base" seeks to connect research and practice in assessment and EAP across all sectors of ESOL.


Do you have an event in your area? Please let everyone know by posting to this community.


On other communities

Primary ESOL Online discussed ELLs and Mathematics. In particular Janet shared a link to NZ Maths which has some excellent suggestions for teaching ELLs in this subject area. More information at the following links

Have a great week.



Breda Matthews

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