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Weekly updates 2020

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Term 1 2020 Term 2 2020

Week 1: Welcome back

Week 2: Waitangi Day and student wellbeing

Week 3: Looking after the social and emotional wellbeing of our students

Week 4: Reading programmes

Week 5: Supporting students to achieve NCEA literacy

Week 6: Course planning

Week 7: Unit standards assessment, reading assessments and class sizes

Week 8: Vocabulary resources and teaching online

Week 9: Supporting our learners during Covid-19 and literacy in schools

Week 1: A world of remote opportunities

Week 2: What can we learn from our remote teaching experience?

Week 3: EL and EAP assessments

Week 4: Looking after ourselves

Week 5: Building on our students' home languages

Week 6: News and events on our return to school

Week 7: The return to school

Week 8: Collecting student data

Week 9: All things PD

Week 10: Unit standards questions

Week 11: Course planning and formative assessment opportunities

Week 12: More on course planning and unit standards

Term 3 2020 Term 4 2020

Week 1: Upcoming events

Week 2: Assessing students at the appropriate level

Week 3: Connecting with our school communities

Week 4: New learners of English

Week 5: What did we learn from our lockdown experience?

Week 6: Summative assessment tasks

Week 7: Cross moderation - ensuring consistency

Week 8: Reading texts

Week 9: What's on your mind?

Week10: The latest MoE ESOL Update and applying for TESSOL scholarships

Week 1: TESSOL Scholarships

Week 2: Junior programmes for the end of term

Week 3: ELLP filing systems and texts for wide reading 

Week 4: Teaching IELTS

Week 5: Supporting reading in L1

Week 6: Critical literacy and ELLs

Week 7: The Draft Literacy Standards

Week 8: Changes to our landscape


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