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Weekly updates

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Term 1 2019 Term 2 2019

Week 10: Documents to make our jobs easier

Week 9: Getting ready for next term

Week 8: Find a moderation buddy

Week 7: Testing and keeping documents

Week 6: What texts can be used for EL wide reading standards

Week 5: Updates and opportunities

Week 4: Keeping up-to-date

Week 3: Students records and assessment resources

Week 2: Resources for students

Week 1, Welcome back

Week 10: Scaffolding RE lessons

Week 9: Assessing speaking standards

Week 8: EL unit standards: Numbers and versions

Week 7: ELLP support and resources

Week 6: Using MoE and NZQA support materials

Week 5: Literacy in the senior school.

Week 4: All things assessment

Week 3: Course planning and changes to NCEA

Week 2: What's on your mind for Term 2?

Week 1: Wide reading standards and suitable texts

Term 3 2019 Term 4 2019

Week 10: Taking care of yourself

Week 9: Learning intentions and text suggestions

Week 8: Wide reading and IELTS resources

Week 7: Supporting ELLs in mainstream classes

Week 6: Upcoming events

Week 5: Graded readers

Week 4: NCEA changes / Course planning

Week 3: Preparing students for assessment against unit standards

Week 2: TESSOL Scholarships and some interesting reading

Week 1: What makes an assessment valid?

Week 7: What's new in EL reading assessments

Week 6: thinking about next year.

Week 5: Which unit standards are expiring and which are continuing?

Week 4: Student progress

Week 3: UE and the list of Approved Subjects

Week 2: Reviewing teaching and learning

Week 1: Describing language levels


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