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Week 9 Final update for 2018

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone

  This is my final update for 2018, The list will be closing on Friday 14 December for the Christmas holidays, so make sure that you ask your final questions before then!  Any questions posted after that date will be held over until the start of the new term.

We do have one waiting question regarding the change to ESOL funding. I am waiting for further information on this and the question will be posted when the lists re-open on 28th January.

This is later than normal due to the upcoming software update. The update will ensure that fewer emails ‘bounce’ and better control of who can access posts and other communications. We will still post in the normal way after the upgrade.

I will make sure that everyone is fully informed when the lists re-open.



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Current conversations

Tonya started a great conversation regarding supporting students’ science learning. There were many great suggestions and I have to thank Bev for sharing DreamReader - I’ve already made use of this.


Changes to unit standards are also a hot topic. Julie has shared a document identifying those standards that are expiring in December, 2019, those that are completely new and those that have been reviewed. Find it here. Julie plans to provide additional information at a later date - many thanks Julie for the great job you do for our community - well over and above any of your paid hours!


Julie also answered a question regarding resits and if they have to be a different text type or can they be similar. See the answer and question here.


On other communities

Secondary Literacy Online also discussed science in their post on science and literacy.


Primary ESOL Online shared Transformational Narratives,  a series of reflections on CLESOL presentations.


And all that remains is to say




Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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