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Week 8: Resources, links and leadership

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

    Last week Athlyn Watt offered spare texts to any school that could make use of them.  Whilst all of these have found homes, if you have spare text do use our community to let us know. I know that Gay Murphy, at Mahurangi College, helps to collect and send resources to schools in Kiribati and would welcome any resources.


If you do have resources to share generally please post to this community. If you have resources you would like to send to Kiribati please email me at bredamatthews@gmail.com and I will forward the email to Gay.


Bev Steward discussed her proposed approach to preparing students for assessment against EAP standards using a ‘flipped’ approach.  Bev shared some great links and is also looking for suggestion on videos on the theme of girl power.


Leveraging students time outside the classroom is such as great way to maximise time on task and learning. As summer approaches, it might be good if we share ways we are going to keep our students learning over the break


I don’t know if this falls under the umbrella but the BBC have a great story about Jordanian women, some of whom are from refugee backgrounds, training as plumbers. Find it here.


Lauren Walton has asked a question about student leadership roles in schools. A group of students has proposed a refugee students leadership role. Does your school have anything similar?  Let us know.



Some of you may be changing schools at the end of term. Remember you will need to unsubscribe from your current email address and then resubscribe using you preferred or new email address.


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Do you have an event to report back on or an event to let the community know about? Let use know here.


On other communities

English Online shared reading lists for Level 1 and 2 standards.


On Primary ESOL Online Janet reported on another CLESOL presentations. This one was by Shanton Chang and dealt with the online environment of students. I also found his talk of huge interest particularly that students actually access a relatively small number of sites or apps, predominantly social media sites, and perhaps don’t have the digital skill we expect in education settings. Janet goes into much more detail on a wide range of aspect covered by Shanton and discusses the implications for teachers.


Secondary Literacy Online discussed making reading a positive experience. What are your experiences around students engagement in reading?

This community also shared a blog on information literacy in science education - well worth reading.

Have a great week everyone.


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


To post to the list email: secondaryesol@lists.tki.org.nz