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Week 6: All things assessment

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Hi everyone,

  We started the week quietly but ended in a flurry of posts! The main topic was assessment.


We continued discussion around support available for assessment against the EAP standards and reminded people about the VLN groups

  • ESOL Online - and open group - anyone can join

  • English language unit standards - a closed group for teachers in schools and ITPs. To join  fill in your profile at least the name of your school and school email and click join group.

  • The EAP group - also a closed group - same  process as above


Glenn Murphy’s question regarding using I am not Esther as a text is still waiting for an answer. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. It fits really nicely within the Belonging topic for the Level 3 EAP resources the Ministry has developed.


As part of our discussion regarding cross department collaboration for EAP unit standards assessment Louise Van de Water posted on an exciting collaboration with the Maths department at her school. I am really interested to hear how that will go and Louise has promised to keep us informed.


Louise shared information on this at the Auckland Best Practice Workshop organised by Chris Bangs and lead by Julie Luxton. This was a very informative and worthwhile day considering the changes to the reading and writing standards. Many thanks to Chris for this and to Athlyn who organised a similar workshop for the following day in Pukekohe and set the ball rolling for both.


This is an excellent time of year to start talking to mainstream colleagues about EAP unit standards and priming the pump for co-operation. And do share your progress with the community.


I wonder if any of the attendees at either BPW would be willing to share their ‘take-aways’ from the workshop for those who couldn’t attend?



CLESOL Retold - Saturday 24th October 9am to 12:45pm,

Where: Diocesan School for Girls

Cost: FREE to current members; $10 for other friends and colleagues.

RSVP the AKTESOL Chair Petronella Townsend pt@mattrobson.co.nz


and please share the event info with colleagues and friends who may be interested. Further details here.


ALANZ Symposium 1st December, 2018. Wintec, Hamilton


On other communities

Primary ESOL Online discussed accelerating learning in literacy.

Secondary Literacy Online discussed learner independence.

Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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