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Week 6: Audio books, levelling texts and PD opportunities

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

    Last week Kathryn asked about tools for levelling a text. Thank you to all those who replied. Suggestions included


Two additional tools are

  • Text Analyser from Road to Grammar - provides some information about a text in relation to the CEFR

  • Text Inspector - the free version only allows you to analyse 250 words at a time.


All of these tools provide information about the vocabulary used in relation to the vocabulary levels, however there are other aspect to consider such as syntax. It is probably wide to use more than one tool to get a good overview of a text.


Fiona asked a questions about Kamar and ELLP. Thank you to all of those who responded. It is great to be part of a community that shares and supports each other.


We also shared links for online / audio books. Lots of great suggestions. Please don’t forget to add your suggestions to our online document Tools for Ells and their teachers. Anyone can add to and edit this document.


Julie reminded us that the current resources on the NZQA EL page relate to version 2 of the unit standards. Thanks for the reminder Julie. NZQA are in the process of replacing these materials.


Phil Coogan posted on an opportunity in the Solomon Islands.


Still to be answered.

Kathleen asked what assessment teachers use with newly arrived learners. I have some suggestions on my blog - scroll down to 9th February.  And the Teachers Resource Exchange contains Julie Luxton’s very useful doc Assessment for English Language Learners: Some Options for Placement, Diagnosis and Funding.


Kathleen also asked how to people collect data from mainstream teachers to update ELLP scores? She has developed a Google survey for mainstream teachers which I'm happy to share if people are interested, but would love to know what else people are doing.


Do you have any suggestions to share for either question?


PD opportunties

Annette Vartha let us know about a proposed Best Practice Workshop: Tasman, Marlborough, Nelson Districts. If you are interested in attending please reply directly to Annette.


Athlyn renotified us about the Best Practice Workshop to be held in Auckland. Please reply directly to Athlyn if you want to attend.


It is great to see teachers being proactive to organise the PD they want.


Upcoming events


  • CLESOL 2018  5-7 October 2018, at Christs College, Christchurch.

  • ALANZ 2018 national gathering will be held at Wintec, in Hamilton, on Saturday, December 1. The theme: English language teaching: Is business as usual enough? Details on this TESOLANZ page.


Events for students


On other communities

Primary ESOL Online discussed What helps ELLs learn?


Secondary Literacy Online discussed leading with learning instead of presenting a lesson.


English Online have shared a link to a PD opportunity in Christchurch. The focus is on improving student performance in NCEA external exams.

English Online also received a clarification regarding special assessment conditions.

Have a great week everyone.


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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