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Term 3 Week 1- Transitioning ELL to the mainstream

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

 I hope you have all had a relaxing break and are returning refreshed and invigorated. Thi is often the term when our students make significant progress, the result of all that teaching and learning and  significant amounts of work are completed - we will need our stores of energy!


Over the break we have had a couple of conversations and it would be good to continue these now that more people are reading the posts.


The first was a post from Heather Becker who started a discussion on when ELL should transition into mainstream classes. Read the conversation here. Of course there are many factors to consider including the age, previous learning experience and work ethic of a student. If a students is familiar with the subject content  and concepts in their first language the transition will be easier. Other factors to consider might include class size, the mainstream teachers experience in differentiating for ELL or the availability of support or PD for those teachers, the availability of bilingual teacher aides and / or L1 buddies in new classes, to name just a few. The myriad of factors makes it extremely difficult to develop a ‘hard and fast rule’ on when to transition a student. It would be great to hear more examples of how teachers are managing this process and many thanks to those who have already contributed to the conversation.


Heather is also looking for some resources. Find the list here and reply directly to Heather if you can assist - her email is at the top of the post.


Athlyn also shared a link to the documentary I Am which featured four Pakistani girls who came to NZ with their father and studied at Aorere College.  Sehar and her sisters tell their story of how they escaped their father's abuse and finally his plan to send them back to Pakistan to arranged marriages. I’m sure you will find great ways to use this resource.




On other communities

English Online have had two very interesting conversations on UE literacy and using an EAP pathway and a second conversation on declining literacy standards. It is great to see our ESOL Online members posting to these communities. These conversation included posts Julie Luxton and Bev Steward. These communities will benefit greatly from your insights and experience.

Have a great first week back.



Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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