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Week 9: Supporting reading skills

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

 Last week saw us continue with our  conversation on teaching absolute beginners.  IN particular there was a discussion about the use of RAZ Kids with older students.


Follow the conversation here.


Don’t forget we also have our online doc Tools for ELLs and their teachers


The conversation made me think about how we teach close reading skills. This is an article that has some good ideas of teaching students to distinguish between main points and supporting detail, a key skill in reading and one that is vital for students tackling unit standards reading assessments.


What other strategies do you use to support reading skills?


On other communities


English Online discussed systems/structures/other specific targeted literacy strategies schools have in place to ensure equal opportunity for both ends of the spectrum. See responses here,


The English Online community also shared a glossary of exam words.


Have great week


Kind regards