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Term 1, Week 8: Resources for very new leaners of English, using unit standards and the ESOL Online revamp.

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Hi everyone,

    Last week Katherine Boomer asked about resources for very new learners of English. Many thanks to all of those who sent in suggestions for resources.


You may also like to check out


Keep those suggestions coming in!


There were a couple of questions off-line regarding the Level 4 EAP standards and assessment tasks. The EAP VLN group has assessment  resources for Version 2 and 3 but none yet for Version 4.


Best practice is to use the latest version of the standard. However this isn’t always possible and NZQA does allow teachers to use the most recently expired version for a period of time.


If you are using resources from the EAP VLN group  you should check that they are for Version 3 or adapt them so they do meet the requirements of version 3 of the standards. Then plan to transition to transition to Version 4.


In all cases ensure that the principal’s nominee in your school is aware of which version of the standard you are using.


The Ministry of Education has updated the Millenium Development Goals teaching and learning sequences and the formative assessment tasks to meet the requirements of Version 4. There is also a guidance document that suggest ways to prepare summative assessment tasks on the parallel topic the Sustainable Development Goals.


Also on the assessment front, I was asked about the moderation process. Don’t forget that we now have a Moderation Group on the VLN where you can find a moderation buddy or discuss student samples. Hopefully this group will assist teachers who don’t work in large departments or who are geographically isolated to find other ESOL teachers to work with.



You will have seen some changes on ESOL Online. With the recent clean up of the site and new navigation, some things you use may have moved.  The presentation Finding your way around ESOL Online includes links to the content we know you access the most.


Please let us know if there is other content you cannot find.


On other communities

Primary ESOL Online discussed the use of games for language learning

Secondary Literacy Online discussed scaffolds to move learners towards independence and linked to some useful strategies to assist in this process.

Have a great week


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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