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Weekly update 3 Term 1: Admin, vocabulary, new initiatives and resources!

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

   I feel like I should apologise for the length of this update but perhaps it just shows what a wonderful and vibrant community we all belong too - so here goes!


First up some admin

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Our discussions

Thanks to all who responded to Anneke’s request for support with English language unit standards.


We also discussed vocabulary tests. Thanks to Rachel for starting off the conversation and to Marianne for her comments on what vocabulary assessment tools can and can’t tell us. That said testing vocabulary remains a key component of assessment for ELLs! It is well worth revisiting  the ELLP Introductory Booklet’s messages on Vocabulary  especially page 39  which list what ‘knowing’ a word involves. It’s a long list!  The ELLP Introductory Booklet is available as a PDF at the bottom of this page if you don’t have access to a hard copy.


News and updates


Annette Vartha has started an exciting new VLN group Differentiation in Secondary School - Multi-levelled ESL classes. This is an open group - anyone can join and is “an investigation into planning, designing, organising and delivering a sustainable course which provides differentiated blended learning centres over three levels”. Well done Annette, I am looking forward to more great conversation in this space.


The NZQA review of English Language (EL) unit standards continues and the standards were submitted for quality assurance in December 2017.  Details on the review, as well as the proposed draft standards, are available at the webpage Review of English Language unit standards. It is expected that the new standards will be published mid-2018.


EAP L4 assessment resources are now available at the webpage Level 4 English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Assessment Support Materials (ASM). All of the resources related to the topic of migration.


The new Level 3 EAP standards are now available for use and assessment resource materials are being developed.


An additional EL roadshow English Language - Supporting Consistent Assessment Practice. Has been scheduled in Auckland on Saturday 7 April 2018.   More information will be sent out in due course. Thanks are due to the people who put their name son wait lists for this additional date.


On other communities


Primary ESOL Online discussed modern learning environments and their impact on ELLs. What are your views?


Secondary Literacy Online shared resources for Waitangi Day and World Wetlands Day and discussed the place on non-fiction texts. One teacher  posted the following


One thing that I am very aware of is the way in which many English classrooms fail to do justice to the reading of non-fiction genres. Our focus tends to be very much on fictional literature, and yet in every other subject, the reading skills students need are generally to do with non-fiction texts. Is it the responsibility of the English teacher to provide these skills, or is it something that should be shared by all teachers?


ESOL teachers spend considerable time supporting the development of reading skills for transactional texts

  • What does this look like in your class?

  • How can we support our mainstream colleagues

Have great week everyone.
Kind regards


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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