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Weekly updates 2018

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Term 4

Week 9: Final update for 2018

Week 8: Resources, links and leadership

Week 7: Celebrating our community

Week 6: All things assessment

Week 5: What will the future bring?

Week 4 New Level 3 EAP resources

Week 3: What constitutes independence in writing?

Week 2: ESOL teachers' roles and responsibilities

Week 1: EAP resources

Term 3

Week 10: TESSOL Scholarships

Week 9: Three BPWs and CLESOL

Week 8: TESOLANZ Survey and Facebook page for the Instructional Series

Week 7: Teaching the genre of comparisons

Week 6: Audio books, levelling texts and PD opportunities

Week 5: Don't be afraid to ask questions

Week 4: Diagnostic and placement assessment

Week 3: What skills do our students need to succeed at tertiary level?

Week 2: Naming students and courses

Week 1: Transitioning ELLs to the mainstream

Term 2

Week 1: ERO report CLD learners in Auckland schools

Week 2: Sharing assessments for revised and new standards

Week 3: Bilingual resources and moderation collaboration 

Week 4: Assessment, assessment, assessment

Week 5: Using the revised and new EL unit standards

Week 6: Events, workshops and conferences

Week 7: Supporting ELLs with low literacy skills in L1

Week 8: Scholarships for students and new resources

Week 9: How does your school provide for ELLs?

Week 10: Making best use of our VLN groups

Term 1

Week 1: Data collection and uses in your school

Week 2: ESOL AF funding

Week 3: Admin, vocabulary, new initiatives and resources

Week 4: Books for us 28058 and NZQA Roadshow registrations

Week 5: CLESOL, networking and L3 EAP standards

Week 6: Think about identity

Week 7: UE literacy and EAP standards / Reassessment and resubmission - EL standards

Week 8: Resources for very new learners of English, using unit standards, the ESOL Online revamp

Week 9: Supporting reading skills

Week 10: NCEA review and upcoming events


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