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Week 4: Teaching Maths to ELLs

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

  We had a quiet week last week so just a few things to report. I hope you have all had time to browse the new ELLP support for teaching and planning


The next NZQA Roadshow are coming up soon and the registration closing dates, for the Wellington and Christchurch roadshows, have been extended:


Places are still available for EL roadshows in Wellington (on 25 November 2017) and Christchurch (on 2 December 2017).

  • Wellington – closing Friday 17 November

  • Christchurch – closing Friday 24 November.

Register here.


Some reading on teaching mathematical language to ELLs


On other communities

English Online shared a TED Talk by Amy Cuddy on the power of body language and it’s ability to influence confidence.  Worth a look, and perhaps worth incorporating as part of the teaching around the EAP speaking standard.

Have a great week


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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