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NZQA Roadshow registrations and new ELLP resource

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

    This week the Ministry of Education has launched a new resource. ELLP support for teaching and planning can be found on ESOL Online and has three parts


1.      Key messages around the use of ELLP

2.      Completing the matrices

3.      Using the ELLP matrices information for teaching and planning


A separate email has gone out to you all with further details of this resource.


Registering for the NZQA Roadshow - make sure that you have both registered interest AND registered.


Saturday saw the first of the NZQA workshops. There were a large number of attendees and some very useful cross sector communication. If you intend to go the Wellington or Christchurch Roadshows please note that there is a 2-step registration process


  1. Step A was registering interest

  2. Step B is registering to attend


If you have not completed the latter step, you are not registered to attend.


Once you register, your school will be billed and details sent to you. Click here to register.


Outstanding questions

Fiona Hartland asked about proficiency tests in relation to CEFR and IB. Does anyone have insights to share. Fiona’s post is here.


Planning for 2018


How is your planning going for 2018? Some questions to consider.

  • What are you students learning needs?

  • What are your learning needs?

  • What are the learning needs of your mainstream colleagues in relation to ELLs


And how can these learning needs be met?


Here is an interesting suggestion - I had an interesting conversation with a colleague on Saturday who spoke about mainstream teachers asking now about using work from their subject for assessment against the EAP standards. Best to view this as an opportunity! Either once senior students have left or early next year could time be found to upskill teachers on the requirements of the EAP standards and how they can assist their students to meet them?


On other communities


Secondary Literacy Online asked what are school prize giving celebrating? A very thought provoking question. This post also further investigated the Literacy learning Progressions. Check out the post here.

Primary ESOL Online discussed a variety of issues including correct identification of Fijian Indians and direct writing instruction. Read the post here.

Have great week everyone


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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