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Week 2: Sharing and standards

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi all,

  We have a had a quiet week. I guess teachers are looking at final work with senior students and even beginning to plan for next year.


Next year will see some changes. The new English Language unit standards will arrive mid-year but this will give people all of next year and longer, if necessary,  to prepare. There are also some very helpful updates from both the Ministry of Education and NZQA in the pipeline too.


Thanks go to Julie Luxton for answering Bev Stewards question regarding grading for a student’s assignment. Read Bev’s question and Julie’s response here.


In regard to standards it is always worthwhile checking out the clarifications for any standard you are using to assess student's learning. Find the EL clarifications here and the EAP clarifications here.


Thanks also to those who responded to Athlyn’s request for an assessment task. Remember the best ways to share assessment tasks are on the VLN groups or by directly emailing the task to the person who has requested it. If you share resources via this listserve, your tasks are searchable. As a result they could be found by students.


Coming up this week we have the NZQA Roadshow in Auckland, 4th November,  followed by Wellington, 25th November, and Christchurch, 2nd December. I am going to be at all three venues and am looking forward to meeting as many people face-to-face as possible. The Auckland date is full but if you missed out please register anyway as this will allow NZQA to identify further interest. Register here.


There have been requests regarding presentations from the TESOLANZ AGM.  I understand that Julie is investigating putting these on the TESOLANZ website. Many thanks Julie.


On other communities


On English Online David Schaumann put together a couple of very basic vidcasts for Dulce et decorum est and Disabled at Level Two, which may be useful for students revising these texts.  


Secondary Literacy Online discussed improving vocabulary

and Primary ESOL Online shared Janet’s latest gems - lots of good links to browse.

Have great week


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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