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Week 8: Reviews and consultations

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

   We have had a busy week!


Bev set me thinking about moderation and I have set up a VLN page where you can find a moderation buddy or upload learner samples to share and comment on. Find the page here.


Two reviews opened for consultation.


The first was consultation on the proposed processes for maintaining the approved subjects list for University Entrance.  Do you think that our community should automatically be consulted in future reviews of UE? Please take time to read the consultation process proposal.


The opening of consultation on the revised EL standards prompted a flurry of questions.


  • Johanna asked about the timeline for changes. I have sought further information from NZQA. At this point in time it is expected that the standards will be finalised and made available from use mid-2018. Best practice would be to move to the new standards as soon a practicable but I imagine that for most schools this won’t be before 2019.

  • Glenn asked about the numbering on the draft standards e.g. 3A


I thought I might share must observations regarding the revised standards. I’ll start with reading after all the best way to eat an elephant is in small pieces!


So some general points are:

  • Explanatory Notes have become Guidance Information

  • Evidence Requirements have become Performance Criteria

  • There are 14 reading standards plus the new Level 3 EAP

  • There are three stands

  • Strand A: Reading texts - Foundation - Level 4

  • Strand B: Reading text for practical purposes - Level 1 - 3. At Level 4 this will be subsumed into  Strand A which carries 10 credits

  • Strand C: Wide Reading. At Level 4 this is Strand B, see note above

  • Plus the EAP standards

  • 3 EAP sits at the same level as Level 3 Applied

  • 3 EAP sits at the same level as Level 4 Applied

  • At Level 3 “Applied” does not mean a practical context, a school context is considered an applied context.


There are some significant changes to the Level 3 General, these are the graded standards but for all standards

  • Do you agree with the changes

    • are they an improvement?

    • will they meet the needs of your learners?


Lots to talk about and discuss!



TESOLANZ AGM & SYMPOSIUM 0 Tauranga. Saturday, 21 October 2017. 8.30am - 2.30pm

More details here.


On other communities

English Online received a response from NZQA about the use of writers for writing portfolios which said that this was an issue best dealt with in the school. The response outlines the rationale for this and is worth reading.

Have great week.


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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